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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Remember the days when a football player could break the law and it was just a minor thing?  Like let's say the seniors got together and made the true freshmen get hammered and then made them streak through the quad.  Remember when that was no big deal?

Well, those days are over my friend and when upperclassmen break the law in certain places, the break the absolute hell out of it.

Take our friend Ryan Perrilloux.  Now, Ryan is not only the kind of kid that doesn't feel the need to show up to practice, but he's also the kind of kid that gets kicked off a team only to reappear when his coach realizes he has no other options at QB.  Then, when he is magically reinstated, he rolls into a restaurant 30 minutes after closing with three strippers in tow.  Once he's told he's not being served, he proceeds to call the server "Osama" and then creates enough of a scene to have the cops called.

Of course, from start to finish, this never happened according to the owners of the restaurant.

Did I mention somewhere in there that Les Miles reportedly made a phone call on Perrilloux's behalf?  And that the restaurant itself has had countless phone calls from boosters, the media, and general football fans?  I didn't?  Oh.  I must've missed that part.

For a full story on the progression of the "incident that happened but didn't happen," click here.

So all of that brings me to a pretty beneficial point for UGA.  We've had our problems in the past and most of the time it involves either beer, scooters, or Mudcat Elmore's car.  The good news is, whenever we have problems, we don't grow a significant man-gina like Les Miles and bend when it's beneficial.

I guarantee that if CMR had the same type of player on our team, he would've been kicked off after the very first instance.  Period.

That's right, no Perrillouxsers on our squad.  No sir.

So, LSU can keep their Nat'l Championship.  I don't want to win at all costs.  It's cheap and it's the norm nowadays.  Don't get me wrong, Evil Richt rocks the house, but he's not a bitch when it's time to lay down the law.  

Besides, when we're blacking it out in Miami on the way to hoisting a crystal football, at least no one can say "well they did with criminals."  

Unless you're a GT football fan.  Reason and logic escaped them long ago.

Until next time kids.  

Be safe.

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