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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Sorry, but it's been a relatively slow news week in the Land of the Dawg.  Aside from a few tasty nuggets of goodness about UGA vs. Alabama being an ESPN night game and getting confirmation that A.J. Green is academically eligible and will report to campus in June, there's really not much going on.  It would be wrong of me, however to note that Ally told me weeks ago that A.J. was fine.  Apparently news like that gets around in South Carolina, but doesn't filter to the rest of the world until weeks later.

In other news, Cordy Glenn has qualified as well, which gives us some much added depth along the Offensive Line.  Glenn looks to be a monster, but I think it's still up in the air as to whether or not he actually plays this year.  You never know with Stacey Searels, who could turn all 5'8" of me into a raging, road-grading badass with one good coaching session.

The bad news is that Toby Jackson may not qualify.  Apparently his ACT score was too high and didn't jive with his GPA, which I think is a crock of sh*t.  He's got to take the test again and if he scores as well, then it will no longer be ruled "abnormal" and people will just realize that he tried hard and made a good score.  If he doesn't make it though, then he's Hargrave bound.

So, in light of the "not much news thing" going on, I'll go ahead and tell you not to expect a post tomorrow as I will be celebrating the upcoming Lost finale with good friends at Beer Blog Pong This' house.  I hope you will do the same with your own friends, but don't show up to BBPT's house without calling first.  He doesn't like that.

Also, expect a nice post soon from my Memorial Day/Bachelor Party Weekend (no, not for me) in Biloxi, MS.  Highlights include random pictures of me waking up and video of myself getting punched in the stomach, a la "Fight Club."

I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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