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Thursday, May 08, 2008
And I'm JUST now getting around to commenting on them. Let's just take it one by one, shall we?

1) Joe Hamilton gets caught with weed, hit and run, open container, and DUI. Now the real surprise here is that Joe Hamilton actually got arrested, which is something that rarely happens to any Tech player. Note to Athens cops, TREAT THE PLAYERS LIKE THE ATLANTA PD TREATS TECH PLAYERS. Anyway, there's a ton of commentary on the whole thing, but no one has covered it better than PWD over at the Georgia Sports Blog. Honestly, that's been my post of the week so far. I mean let's be honest, people. I hate everything Georgia Tech. They are our biggest rivals in my eyes and regardless of how incapable they've been lately at stopping UGA, they will win against us before I die (assuming my liver makes it for the next 50 years or so) and when they do, no one will question who our biggest rival is.

2) Meanwhile, everyone from Congress to Bloggers have weighed in on the recent non-progress of the BCS meetings that took place a week or so ago. Nothing new happened or was hardly even discussed, but I do know one thing, I hope Fox doesn't get the SEC when our contract runs out with CBS. I HATED their coverage of the Sugar Bowl and damn near every other game for that reason, but I do enjoy how they really hype the whole thing. Fox is a marketing machine when it comes to their money makers, but when the BCS came along it's like the geniuses created the commercials and hype and then handed it over to poorly trained monkeys. The whole f*cking thing was like a Career Builder commercial.

3) In Non-Dawg related news, I found out through the power of Google that Coldplay is releasing their next album in June. Most people are not like me, but if you are, then you'd be as absolutely-off-the-wall-like-a-Florida-grad-at-Walmart-excited as me. I am probably the biggest Coldplay fan that's never seen a show. I guarantee you that when they come to Atlanta next, I will not miss them. Write it down. Anyway, their new tune "Violet Hill" is out and, as always, I've got the damn thing on constant repeat. At least I know what I'll be humming for the next few months.

4) In recruiting news, there's really not that much to report other than Zach Metterberger showed out at the most recent Nike Camp in Alabama. He took top QB MVP honors and is really pushing for an Elite 11 spot. If he gets that Elite 11 spot, then how amazing would it be if we had two QBs committed to us and both of them be a part of the Elite 11? I don't really know if that's EVER happened. Of course, we could ask Urban Meyer. He already knows the completely history of college football and could tell you if it's been done or not.

Well, that takes care of me for right now since there's not much else report. Hopefully I'll have the chance tomorrow to update and post up a new List. I really enjoyed last week's.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Ally said...
I just saw on the ajc where Tee Martin has high praise for our QBs as well. I don't know how we pulled this off, but I just hope both of them stick to their verbal.
That would be an even bigger deal then Shock waiting his turn and backing up DG.