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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Sorry everyone, I know I've been extremely bad about blogging as of late, and by as of late I mean the past 2 and a half weeks.  Work has been busy (see: Job Security) but it makes for a very tired and writer's blocked Kit.

So what's been going on with the Dawgs?  To be honest, not too much other than the recent commitment of Michael Gilliard on the football side of things.

On the "all other sports" side, we've just been doing the norm.  You know, winning National Championships in Gymnastics and Men's Tennis, and outright winning the SEC in Baseball.  Other than that, not much to talk about.  Nope.

The hot topic lately has been about about college football and the possible "need" for a playoff.  PWD and The Good Senator have both weighed in on the topic with very well written posts.  I share their concerns over Mission Creep and "Devaluing" the regular season.

However, my main concern is not over playoff vs. no playoff.  My concern is the polling.  You see it's the polls that have screwed up the BCS this entire time.  And as many bloggers have proven, a plus one wouldn't have solved many problems over the 10-year life of the BCS.  

The formula in and of itself sucks.  Humans, computers, it's all bullsh*t.  And as long as you have coaches calling the shots and having their voice heard, you're going to get more politics than anything.  As we've all been told, money is the root of all this evil, and with large bucks at stake time and time again, someone is ALWAYS going to have an agenda.

And don't give me any of this propaganda about "well so and so didn't even win their conference."  So f*cking what?  Are you seriously going to tell me that the Big East or ACC Champion from last year was better than the third place SEC or Big XII team?  Really?  

Here's what needs to happen in college football.  It's all very simple.

1)  Every conference must play a conference championship.  You either win your conference or you don't.  If you only have 10 or 11 teams in your conference, then it's time to get some more.  Until then, I'm sorry.  IN FOOTBALL THERE SHOULD NEVER BE A THING AS CO-CHAMPIONS.  The extra game right there should eliminate some folks that don't deserve to be there.  

2)  Take the coaches and media out of the polls.  A panel should decide who is playing the best football at the time, has played the toughest schedule, and to put it bluntly, deserves the honor.  If you're not going to do all that, then I really like The Good Senator's idea on polling.  Seems to take a lot of the bias out of it when 1-10 doesn't matter anymore.

3)  If you play more than 1 Div- 1AA team, you're disqualified.  Sorry, but if we're going to go with this "the regular season is a playoff" talk, then we need to back it up with not scheduling more than one cupcake.  I'm looking at you, Clemson and Georgia Tech.

Now, will all that work?  Hell no, but it's a start.  Personally, if I thought a plus one wouldn't become a plus seven or plus 16 years from now, I'd be all for it, but I like knowing that the UGA  vs. UF game this year could determine the outcome of who goes to the SEC Championship and possible Nat'l Championship.  It's what makes Saturdays into Gamedays.  The day when a loss in Sanford Stadium doesn't hurt our chances for something is the day I'll actually die a little inside.  

So, if you want a better system, let's take the politics, money and greed out of the whole thing.  I mean look at our government.  It's a perfect model.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Coming up next an article written for Bleacher Report listing the UGA impact players for 2008.

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Anonymous Senator Blutarsky said...
"Every conference must play a conference championship. You either win your conference or you don't. If you only have 10 or 11 teams in your conference, then it's time to get some more. Until then, I'm sorry. IN FOOTBALL THERE SHOULD NEVER BE A THING AS CO-CHAMPIONS."

I hate to say it, but I like the round robin schedule the Pac-10 plays better than the 12 team/championship game format of conferences like the SEC. Not that we'll ever see the SEC give up the money that the SECCG brings in.

And thanks for the shout-out on my coaches' poll fix.

Blogger BuLLdawg said...
A blog titled worst blogger ever, and we read a post about how Bluto has a fix for college football rankings that have but 1 Pac-10 team ranked in the Top 15 while there are 5 SEC teams ranked in the final polls for the season just ended in the Top 15 by direct comparison.

And, that there should not be a Plus One +1 because, Lord Forbid, you don’t want it to grow to a Plus 100.

Plus One +1 would not have fixed the damn bloody mess of the B.S. BCS over the last decade ? Where is your discussion of that point, other than making it without substantiating it at all ?

You have to understand the man love for the Pac-10 that Bluto has demonstrated daily forever, and the blind disregard he has for the facts that the Pac-10 is a 1-team “conference” and has been, while The SEC has half the league ranked at the very top of every single solitary poll forever.

We all know Bluto likes a round-robin where 9 games between the 9 teams provides 1 team with a better record in-conference. But, that is not what the rankings (seedings for Plus One +1 or seedings for mythical BCS National Championship Game) are all about. It is in fact, what the schedule strength actually is of the 9 conference games you play and the other games you do or don’t play. At the end of the season, if the conference is not a 1-team conference like the Big 10 and Pac-10 are and have been, then the top 2 in the conference play each other – like you said in direct contraction to Bluto who chimes in that he appreciates you agreeing with him. Uh. You totally disagree with him on this point.

When the top 2 in a conference at the end of the season, taking into account like you say the SoS of the whole schedule, play each other then that is a big boost to their rankings when they do play each other, even if it’s a 2nd game that season between the 2.

The solution to fixing the polls or the BCS, is not to throw it out; but, to fix it.

Plus One +1 is the solution to the BCS issue and what in the hell is this about reduce to the absurd (“I don’t want it to end up being Plus Sixteen (16)”) ?

We want to have forced Ohio State and Southern California last season to have played something other than cupcakes for their beauty contest of being ranked at the top of the polls.

Clearly, about 10 teams could have beaten both last season.

Georgia, for example.

Blogger Stacy said...
Don't steal my title as worst blogger haven't even made it to the list of not-so-consistent bloggers yet, so there!