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Sunday, July 13, 2008
I won't apologize for my lack of blogging lately.  It's actually been way out of my hands since the internet signal I've been "borrowing" for the past month basically disappears and reappears on a whim.  Things will be better by August 1, which is when I move into a new apartment with a friend of mine and that will mark the glorious return of cable TV and household internet.  Woot, indeed.

Anyway, so much has happened lately that I'd like to try and touch on as much as possible and even some future stuff in the length of one post, b/c I'm not sure I'll be around to post tomorrow or the next day given the "type" of internet situation I'm in. 

So let's get started:

  • Countdown to Kickoff -- I got a nice e-mail from Ms. Rachel T., who is currently in a PR Campaigns class at UGA.  I took the same class while I was in school and we handled a UGA Initiative on Poverty.  Anyway, I digress.  She asked me to put a mention out there for Countdown to Kickoff for this weekend.  It's hosted by the Stinchcomb's and David Greene and all proceeds benefit multiple Children's Charities throughout Georgia.  It's a great event, not just for the causes, but because of the up close and personal interactions with past & present Dawgs.  I should be going myself and am really looking forward to it. Three things:  1) For more information, click the hyperlink at the beginning of this bullet to go to the main page. 2) PWD at the Georgia Sports Blogs has two great posts on the event where he talks about the event and then has an interview with Matt Stinchcomb.   3) And finally, Dr. Russell, give Rachel an "A" on this one.  She reached out to a blog community (not just myself, but other bloggers as well) to drum up support for this.  It's "out of the box" thinking and will probably sell 100 or 200 extra tickets due to it being out on teh interwebs. I say job well done.

  • On the arrests -- I was applauded/blasted on The Dawgvent when I wrote that we do not have a team discipline problem.  I really truly believe that we don't.  I know we have STUPIDITY problems, but discipline is not one of them.  Yes, I've heard over and over again about "SEVEN ARRESTS! SEVEN ARRESTS!" but honestly, six of the seven were nonviolent offenses and one charge as already been dropped due to the classy way it was handled (Lomax).  Now, Lemon is in deep sh*t as of right now and he has been dismissed from UGA per the AJC.  The rest of the stuff though, is kids doing really stupid sh*t. Drinking and driving is one of those type of issues where 90% of us have done it and 90% of us agree that it was f*cking dumb to do.  When you do it you put yourself and others' lives in danger.  There is no excuse.  So, my final advice for the Dawgs going forward is "don't drink and drive, stay the f*ck away from downtown, don't beat up kids when you're a 6-4 260 lb. wrecking ball and don't touch pregnant women."  Can we all do that?  

  • Toby Jackson doesn't qualify -- Poor Toby busted his ass as much as he could, got a stellar grade on the ACT (which was flagged for being a stellar grade from a sub-stellar student), took the ACT again and fell one point short.  Right now, he's trying to appeal so he can take the test one more time, or he's Hargrave bound.  Now, I know there's a need to make sure students aren't cheating constantly and that the kids we signed are the kids that take the test.  But if a kid has actually taken the test himself and you can't find any hard evidence that he cheated, I say chalk it up to experience and figure that he just worked his ass off and had a good day.  I think an accusation without evidence is a true injustice, especially to a kid who's doing his best.  Oh well, whatever happens, it will work out for Toby and he'll be a Dawg, whether he's there by this fall or by next January.  No worries.

  • Dawgs get another commit -- We picked up another commitment in a CB out of Virginia in Jordan Love.  No one really knows much about this kid except that he's happy he's chose UGA and he's got some good reach on him.  Looking at his frame and by reading his comments from the commitment article, this kid really reminds me of Asher Allen.  He's definitely got his head on straight and knows what it takes to be a Dawg.  Welcome, Jordan Love.  If someone hands you a beer, just say "let's drink this the dark...and hide my keys."
Well, that's all I've got for right now.  If the signal stays (see: unlikely) then more to come soon.  If the signal keeps going in and out (see: likely), then it is what it is.  

Also, since February, I've been blogging on my Mac, which means I haven't had my PC (my Munson Mix Maker) fired up.  Once I move into the new place, I'll knock the dust off the old Dell and fire off a new mix or two before the season.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for tunes.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I totally agree about the discipline issue. The Lemon incident was the only thing that stands out and he got kicked off the team. We give at least one game and usually two game suspensions for these "non-violent" offenses while there are well documented examples of rival coaches taking no action, especially when star players are involved, or picking which game they wanted an individual to sit out...if the next game involved an opponent who might beat them, then they'd wait to sit them out for the LA-Monroe game.

Of course, it seems every time one of our players picks their nose in public, the AJC or DawgChat has mentioned it 5 minutes later and the coaching staff seems almost forced to deal with it in some way, shape or form. These types of incidents don't even become public at many others schools and, when they are, the coaches say they are handling discipline "internally"....meaning the guilty party does a few wind sprints at the end of practice.

Blogger Karen Russell said...
Sorry I never had you in class (sounds like you had Sallot for the PPA campaign?), but thanks for the feedback on my students. Grady has put a strong emphasis on social media in the PR program and it's starting to show. :-)

Anonymous Chili said...
Your casual excuses for your players' disciplinary and legal lapses are a great example of why UGA got their asses handed to them Saturday.

It is not acceptable to drink and drive and to try to paper over those offenses is patently ridiculous. It is even less acceptable for underaged students to drink and drive. Finally, it is incomprehensible that any scholarship athlete at a Division 1 school would engage in that behavior. They are there to play football and attend class. Everything else is a distraction. But not so at "anything goes" University of Georgia.

And so that mentality makes its way onto the field during gameplay. If you don't think that a lack of discipline contributed to the catastrophic defensive breakdown we saw in the third quarter, you're delusional.

Richt bring the Bowden virus from FSU: there are no moral standards to uphold as a representative of your school and athletic department. No, just have fun and we'll make excuses for you when you screw up.