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Sunday, September 28, 2008
92,000 people woke up this morning with a sore ass because I think everyone in that stadium felt that whipping. However, if you need one consolation, I offer this from The Song Writer, who always comes through in the clutch:

"You're still from Georgia, and they're still not."

For right now, that works for me.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Brett said...
*nods head*

Anonymous BEAT DOWN said...
"I couldn't help but sit in awe as I watched USC (the real one) get a visit from 'Mr. Unexpected Loss.'"

Oh, the irony.

"While John Parker Wilson is not considered one of the "elite" when it comes to SEC QBs, he's still a respectable talent that is yet to have that statement game that propels him into being a true gamer."

Again.... haha. I guess this was his "statement" game.

"That being said, I really wouldn't be surprised to see us toss sweep it to Moreno about 4-5 times before he opens it up and throws a pass to MoMass or A.J. Green like we did last year against Auburn. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised at all."

I guess you were right there. Was it Moreno that threw a pass to Stafford? That was pretty desperate lookin'...

"Well, all kinds of crazy sh*t has happened since the beginning of the week hasn't it? If the Blackout wasn't reason enough to get fired up about a game, we now have Gameday, an Alabama S&C Coach claiming that we're going to our MF'ing funeral, Larry Munson retiring, Evil Richt rocking press conferences and now a #1 spot in the polls up for grabs.

I've very encouraged by the glimpses of Evil Richt throughout the week. When Richt is quipping, we're practicing with the proper intensity for sure. He's flat out said himself that this week has been the easiest week as far as trying to motivate guys since he's been at UGA. There's something good about that."

LOL Well... It DID turn out to be your funeral, Munson got out when the getting was good, and "Evil Richt"?
What a douchebag display that turned out to be.

"We're resorting to what our critics call 'gimmicks.'"

They were right.

"We've become a resident whipping boy over Knowshon's leap at ESPN."

That wasn't as special or magical as y'all wanted it to be. Happens semi-regularly.

"On Saturday, Bama is the next in line and we're now serving #5."


Well, it's too bad Alabama put it into cruise control in the second half, and Georgia was able to make the game look semi-respectable.

But in reality, this was a complete ass-whipping. Beyond that, even. The Georgia/UT game last year was an ass whipping, but this..... just good god.

But hey, y'all's SUPER BRUTAL SCHEDULE looks like it's softening up a bit. So you have that to look forward to.

Tennessee sucks, Auburn sucks, LSU? eh... Not real sure about Florida. Definitely not world beaters.

So really, you could win the rest of your games, so enjoy.

Until then, Alabama completely ass raped Georgia. On national TV. With a bunch of forlorn puppy dog faces dressed for the radical BLACK OUT in the stands.

It was beautiful.

Blogger PUP said...
beat down, You are right that was a beat down. WE were beat down in everything. If any dawg says diff he was not looking at the same game I had to sit through. Good luck with rest of the season. Now dawg fans players and coaches please take only one game at a time!!! GO DAWGS