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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
If you have noticed yet, I use Wednesday's List as a way for me to rant and rave about whatever is currently ticking me off at the moment. This Wednesday isn't any different. The only minor difference is that this week, I'm b*tching about our own fans.

So, let's not keep anyone waiting and talk about:

The Ten Most Irrational Complaints/Theories by UGA Fans Right Now:

10) Matt Stafford Throws Too Hard -- Every time I hear someone say this, I have flashes of Uncle Rico dance through my head. It's unfathomable to me that after three years, our receivers still haven't gotten used to the fact that Stafford has a cannon for an arm. On top of that, do we really want to be the only school to have the problem of having a QB that's too good?

9) We Have to Throw the Ball to A.J. and MoMass No Matter What -- Yeah, this makes total and complete sense. By all means, let's take our QB (who throws too damn hard, by the way) and make him force balls into double coverage. If it gets intercepted, no one will care. I mean that's a part of the game, right?

8) We Were Saving the Playbook for Arizona State -- Let me tell you one thing, we were in the fight of our lives this past Saturday. The plays we called were plays to win the game. We weren't holding anything back, just like South Carolina wasn't holding anything back when they played Vandy. The truth is, I believe the Dawg Nation would be more happy about losing to ASU and winning the SEC, than to lose to USC, UT or anyone else and only have "well we beat a Pac-10 team" as our bragging rights. Breaking News: they don't award BCS berths for beating the Sun Devils.

7) The Polls Really Do Matter in Week 3 -- Alright, this needs to be let go of, quick, fast and in a hurry. If we're more concerned with being ahead of Oklahoma, USC (the real one) or anyone like that than we are about winning the next game, we're going to get embarrassed. THEN let's see how well that preseason ranking turned out for us.

6) We're a Worse Team Than We All Thought -- Ok, this one is absolutely ludicrous. Yes, sometimes it happens that teams return loads of talent, only to not play up to that talent level. For example, you can look at Ohio State, who returned more starters than UGA. However, to think that we're not living up to the hype is a huge understatement. Are we playing our best football right now? HELL NO. And you know what? I don't want us to play our best football right now! If we do that, we peak too early and then we take a loss. Mark Richt had an excellent response to this type of ASSessment last night on the Bulldog Hotline, and it was "good teams are supposed to get better every week." Well, ain't that just novel? It turns out that the head coach doesn't want us to play our best football against Central Michigan. He probably thinks something completely off the wall like our best football should be played against Florida. What the hell is he smoking?

5) Mark Richt Plays WRs Who Normally Ride the Bench to Protect Their Feelings -- This one has gotten WAY out of hand. In fact, I saw a guy on the message board earlier who had loaded our WR rotation in an Excel file, just to make a point about it! You see, geniuses, when MoMass and A.J. Green come out of the game, it's to let them REST. You know, get a breather? It just so happens that when people run a lot, they get tired and they slow down the more tired they get. Wouldn't it be amazing if MoMass was just as fast in the 4th quarter as he is in the 1st? Well, that's what we're doing. On top of that, some of our WRs are better run-blockers downfield. In a crazy twist of that game called "WINNING," if we block downfield better, it's more likely that Knowshon can break one for 6 points. 

4) Jim Rome is Worth Listening To -- All the time, that asshat known as Jim Rome talks his "smack" about UGA and for some reason, people seem to think that what he says matters. Do you know why Jim Rome has a show on ESPN in the middle of the day? Because the ice skating season isn't year round. Seriously, NOT ONE SINGLE TIME have I ever heard anyone from a blogger to a professional journalist mention a single topic or news story that Jim Rome has commented on. When "real" sports journalists do or say something controversial, they talk about it on PTI. When Jim Rome does or says something controversial, people snicker and point like he wet himself. That should tell you all you need to know. He's the last pick in the NFL Draft; Mr. Irrelevant.

3) We Should Bench Tripp Chandler -- Yeah, this kind of sh*t comes from the same people who "boo" our players when they drop a pass, yet they get gassed walking to the stadium on Gameday. Look, Tripp has been a helluva player for us, not only in the passing game (does anyone remember the amazing grab and subsequent hit he took for a first down against Alabama last year??), but also in regards to blocking. Look, I was just as frustrated as you on Saturday, but Tripp's a senior, he's a leader and he has the respect of his teammates. If Matt Stafford, Knowshon Moreno and MoMass respect him, I think we should probably give him the benefit of the doubt, don't you?

2) THE WHOLE MEDIA HATES US -- OMF(riggin)GROTFLMAO, let it go. PLEASE, I'm begging you all to just drop it. I've even heard crazy stuff like "Gary Danielson is anti-UGA." Why? Because he said we weren't covering Jarrod Cook properly? Or maybe because his reasoning was wrong when he questioned our move to go for 2 against USC? Look, just because an announcer stays objective, doesn't mean that they hate our guts. I LOVE Uncle Verne, but it's not like he's UGA's announcer. If he says something is boneheaded, he's just trying to call it like it is. All you folks who are complaining about UGA's lack of coverage need to wise up to a few things. One, if we whine about not seeing our team enough, it makes us look pathetic. Two, if we whine enough and lose, we'll catch hell on TV, in the papers, on the internet and in the polls. Shut your mouth and get concerned with cheering on the Dawgs. Nothing else matters. There's a phrase that goes "act like you've been there before." Do that.

1) Anything Short of a National Title is a Failure -- Mark my words, this is the most controversial one of the whole group, and I'll probably get blasted for it. However, you've got to bear with me and hear me out on this one. Think about it like this: every year there are numerous teams who are "good enough" to be National Champions. BUT, in every year, there can be only one, and that team has to play well, play hard and get a lot of luck along the way. We may be the best team in the country. We may be the second best team in the country or we may be the tenth best team in the country. Trust me, with a hard as the SEC is and as hard as our schedule is, I'd be ecstatic with an SEC Championship. It's an honor to even be in the damn game. The stars might not align for us to hoist the crystal football this year, or they may align perfectly and we run the table and rout everyone we play. I don't know what the future holds. But I do know that if we are lucky enough to beat Florida and fortunate enough to get past LSU and gamble enough to squeak by Auburn and get tricky enough to pull one over on Tennessee and pummel Georgia Tech into the ground, you won't be able to wipe the smile off my face. Nothing's better than being the champions, but being better than your rivals doesn't suck either.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Mackalicious said...
Getting insightful sports commentary from Jim Rome is like catching the daily news from Access Hollywood.

Anonymous Banshee said...
"Nothing's better than being the champions, but being better than your rivals doesn't suck either."

Amen Brother

Blogger Keith said...
Random comment,

I heard that your boy Jim Rome will be at Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station tomorrow. I just thought you might want to stop by and tell him hello!

Blogger Sports Dawg said...
Great assesments with this post. Like Al Davis said: "Just win Baby!" and everything else will fall into place. Thanks!