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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Well the bye week has come and gone and now we're smack dab in the middle of Tennessee Week, where we hear yet again about how Phil Fulmer's seat is so hot, it'd melt the Krispy Kreme right out of his fat ass.

As always, we're going into the Tennessee game with almost more questions than actual answers. From the Alabama loss, you would think that we've gotten our ass whipped the whole season so far. There are still glaring issues like our lack of a pass rush and the fact that Ron Courson is the busiest UGA staff member. Things like that just absolutely kill a season and hopefully we can get through these next two games relatively unscathed. 

Anyway, in honor of our current out-of-body experience for two years in a row, this week's List will be:

The Ten Things We Need to See on Saturday to Feel Good Again:

10) At Least Three Sacks -- Tennessee does one thing right consistently and that is they always have big ol' boys up front on the Offensive Line. If we can find a way to sack Stephens/Crompton three times or more, then maybe we'll find our niche, much like we did last year after the bye week going into Florida. We've got to get a solid pass rush or we are seriously looking down the barrel of mediocrity.

9) A Solid Effort From Caleb King -- Knowshon was banged up last week and for some reason, we've seen him come out hurt more often than we have before. Even if he is back from an elbow contusion (see: deep bone bruise), he still isn't probably 100%. So what we need in order to make it through this stretch is to get some good solid play from Caleb King & Co. We need to run Knowshon and have these other RBs come in and see very little drop off in effectiveness. It'd be nice to have teams see us as an Offense that can run the ball, all the time, regardless of who's in the backfield.

8) No Sacks on Stafford -- As important as it is to get after UT's QB, it's just as important to make sure that ours has as much time as possible to throw the short, intermediate and long range passes to our hopefully open receivers. Stafford couldn't stay upright against Alabama and we need our big boys up front to make it happen this upcoming weekend.

7) At Least Two Kickoffs in the Endzone -- Blair kicked it pretty well against Alabama from what I can remember, so hopefully we can see more of the same this weekend. Remember, if they can't take it out of the endzone, they can't score a big return against us.

6) Brian Mimbs Needs to Get Back on His Horse -- Mimbs was as solid as a rock through the first four games, but against Alabama he got bit by the shanks big time. I still think he's one of the best punters around, but he's gotta put this past game out of his head and get back to rocketing the ball off his foot. I'd much rather out kick the coverage than have the coverage outrun the punt.

5) Punch UT in the Mouth Early -- The best way to get a team that's down on their luck to give up is to not give them a reason to fight. If we come out and buzz saw the Big Orange like they did to us last year, then I guarantee you that you won't see them fight in the second half like we did against Alabama. I promise if you get UT down by 3 scores, the orange-clad boo birds come out and their seats empty in a hurry. 

4) Go +3 in Turnovers -- I know that's kind of a tall order, but in order to be successful in the SEC, you have to consistently win the turnover battle. Our goal should be to force enough fumbles and get enough interceptions to leave UT guessing as to which method of offense is more safe to prevent turnovers. Arian Foster (Mr. Pterodactyl himself) has the tendency to be a fumble machine and Stephens is thus far unproven as a QB. Let's try to punch that ball out and confuse Stephens enough to make some mistakes when passing. Momentum shifts will play a huge role in this game.

3) Expect UT's Best Shot -- As recent history will remind you, the University of Tennessee is actually a MORE dangerous team the hotter Phil Fulmer's seat gets. There's enough money in his contract to give him a long enough leash to try and salvage the season, fire a few coordinators and try and move on. There is still no doubt in my mind that UGA is the most talented team in the SEC, but if we don't go into that game thinking that we're in for the fight of our lives, we'll lose on Saturday. No doubt.

2) Put Everything Behind Us -- We have played GREAT football up until the Alabama game sans a few areas, so we need to remember that before we hit the field on Saturday. Sure, people want to know how we're going to respond, but all we should be worried about is getting back to business. 

1) Just Win Baby -- The best way to feel good again? Whip UT's ass. Plain and simple.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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