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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Ok, I get it. “Kit you’ve been a bad blogger, where have you been, blah blah blah.” Well, it’s not like I’ve been hiding or anything. The truth is, there isn’t that much to report on and due to the holidays, I haven’t had that much time to sit down and say “here’s a full article on this” or “here’s some quick hits on that.”

Anyway, there are a few things I’d like to touch on before I TRY and write a full-blown game preview. No promises on the preview, though.

  1. Are you following me on Twitter yet? If not, you should. If there’s any breaking news, I usually post it there first, AND you get the bonus insight of living in my head, complete with random thoughts. Twitter’s free and your friends are doing it.
  2. Can I rant for a minute about the ridiculousness that is Georgia Tech buying rings to commemorate their win against us? “We beat us some UGAg, let’s go get some bling.” Stupidity at its finest. Oh and before someone wants to give me sh*t about us retiring Sapp’s jersey, let me go ahead and stop you in your tracks. Retiring a jersey is one thing because it’s honoring the individual effort of a player who did great things. PLUS, it’s not some cheesy ass piece of jewelry with a score on it. You tell me what sounds better: “This guy helped his team beat our hated rival, so in honor we retired his jersey” or “We beat Georgia so we bought some rings.” Case, considered yourself “rested.”
  3. If you haven’t visited Mackie lately over at Blogging Pantsless, you should. He’s still pumping out great posts, and one of those included this gem about a UGA degree offering the highest ROI of ANY SCHOOL IN THE NATION. Yes, that includes private schools and Ivy League schools where they don’t give grades, you’re just allowed to come back. So, to that commenter from Tech that wanted to brag on and on about his Mercedes and how much better his degree is than mine, I’d like to offer up the classy question: “How’s my ass taste?” (Captain Obvious says that YouTube clip of Shaq is NSFW) *****Update***** Thanks to BamaDog's keen observance, it turns out that UGA is now 4th in the ROI right behind, you guessed it, Georgia Tech. Well, color me f*cked. I'm still leaving the paragraph though. It's too hilarious to take down.
  4. So it seems that Stacy Searels is staying with UGA instead of going back to his alma mater of Auburn. This is what we in the world of the fan call “good news.” Seriously, he is one of the most important hires of the Richt era so far and retaining him is huge. If he can put together an OL with the talent he had to work with this year, think of what he can do next year when everyone’s healthy and we have two good OL recruiting classes behind us.
  5. For my money, Stafford stays and Knowshon’s gone. The only insider knowledge I have is word of mouth, so it’s not reliable, but I think both really are 50/50 right now. They both seem to love college and UGA, so that works in our favor. However, I think Knowshon knows he’s one injury away from being a second or third round pick (even when he gets healthy again) and that will lure him to the NFL. I think Stafford, on the other hand, knows he needs one more year to have career longevity in the NFL and if he can be a top five pick without the stats, then he’ll be one with the stats (and hopefully the rings to boot).
  6. Don’t forget that Branden Smith (“Percy Harvin Jr.” out of Washington HS) will announce his college decision on Saturday (Jan. 4) during the ESPN Under Armor game (8:00 pm ET). He’d be a huge get for this recruiting class, and I think the Dawgs are pretty much the team to beat right now for his signature. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Ok, well that does it for me. Don’t forget to keep checking if you want to read an unbiased opinion on Georgia Football, or if you want to help me make money (because the lottery ain't working for sh*t).

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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It hurts to write this...but they've modified the ROI degree rankings: