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Sunday, December 14, 2008
By now, you've probably finally stopped laughing at the Gene Chizik hire over on the Plains. However, one rumor that's floating around and gaining some traction is that O-line Coach Stacy Searels has already been in contact with Auburn officials about joining the new staff. (subscription required)

I say it's gaining traction because apparently Richt has no comment on the matter yet, which in the gossip world always means "yes," but I have no idea if it means the exact same thing in the football world.

Personally, I think Searels name has been thrown around already with Auburn officials as a "must-get" guy, no matter who came in to be a head coach, but I doubt that merely hours after the hire of Chizik, Searels has already been contacted. Hell, Chizik hasn't even had enough time to pack up the trophy case he bought for all those Big XII titles he's won. I highly doubt he's had time to pick up the phone and call potential assistants.

The Chizik hire has been incredibly rushed, it took everyone off-guard and the Barners are very pissed about it. What I think is most likely the case here is that Searels' name has been kicked around and some of those famous tight-lipped Auburn boosters let it out that Searels was a target. From there, the story gained ground and took off running.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't worry about losing Searels, because we certainly should be. However, nothing's set in stone and if you think that UGA won't make a STRONG push to keep him on staff, you're insane. Out of all our assistants, Searels is one of, if not the most, important one to keep for future success. He made an O-line this year out of duct tape and bubble gum. We'll do whatever we can to keep him.

More to come.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- If you're looking for a great "damn, what a stupid mistake they made" article about the Chizik hire at Auburn, also check out PWD's post about the differences between Chizik and current Buffalo head coach Turner Gill. The folks in power at the Plains REALLY f*cked this one up.

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