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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
As I was perusing the blogs earlier today looking for tidbits on the new commitments that UGA got today, I came across a great post by PWD about Boise State and its "worthiness" of being a BCS Championship contender.

First, it's a great article and regardless of the side of the issue you fall on, but it does support my thought of people earning their seat at the table for the BCS discussion. So, since it supports what I think, of course I'm linking it. I don't link dissenting opinions. Who do you think I am, The Good Senator?

I've said for years now that if UGA could live off of a win like Boise State could live off of one, then we'd have played in the BCS Champ game about three or four times now. If you think about it, Boise State beating Oklahoma could've been one of the best games the BCS has EVER had in regards to play. It also could've been one of the worst things to happen to the system's credibility.

Let's be completely honest, for every Boise State or Utah, there are 100 Hawai'is. Utah had a beef last year and Boise State kind of had one in 2006, but let's not forget that Boise State beat Oklahoma, who would lay down for St. Vincent's Girl's School of the Blind's JV team if you put them in a BCS bowl. Utah did what all BCS wannabes should do -- play tougher competition.

The only problem I have with "BCS Busters" is that it's all media driven. The talk begins before anyone takes a snap. Hell, UGA was given the preseason national championship last year, but we all see how that worked out for the real national championship.

There is one caveat with all of this, though. How many actual contenders want to actually play a "BCS Buster?" I'd have to imagine that Boise State does have a little bit of a tougher time finding top quality opponents to play. I mean they call Arkansas State a "Cupcake" and not a "Buster" for a reason, right? 

So, for all of you who want to crown "Cinderella" before the season even begins, just remember, Cinderella was hot. She didn't get that way by eating Krystals and chugging Chick-Fil-A milkshakes. 

I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Like PWD, I'd like to send a great big thank you to It was crushing to hear that they are taking a bit of a sabbatical, but I can tell you that if anyone deserves it, they do. They've worked hard and given Dawg fans a great service for free for upwards around 5 years now. Whether or not the sun has set on Dawgbone, I don't know, but if it has, I owe them a great deal. I would've given this up years ago had I not been fortunate enough to be linked up by them. Enjoy the time off!!!!!!

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