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So, I'm blogging for the second time this month (shocker, I know) and I just wanted to rant a moment about a couple of things since I'm on a decent whiskey buzz right now (thanks Four Roses!) and feed like jabbering on like a monkey in a tree.

1. Nobody does it better -- PWD has one of his teh awesomez posts that's full of Phil Steele-type statistics, but this time coming in regards of our penalty situation from last year. I read it earlier tonight and it really puts things in perspective about one area of our game that could use some vast improvement. As PWD notes, it's not about reducing the penalties as much as it's about reducing them at the right times.

2. Weekend at Bernie's -- One person who's been a blast to follow on Twitter has to be Bernie of Bernie's Dawg Blawg fame. Not only does he tweet regularly, he also blogs just as much, which means he's a good read at any point in time. So that being said, if you come here and find nothing new, be sure to jump over to Bernie's place and get your read on. Oh, and it's a damn good blog too.

3. "Who's ready for the game? Ah...nevermind" -- You know, part of the reason I can't force myself to write is mainly because I'm just not "there" yet. "There" is that part of the preseason where you sit back and think to yourself, "man I CANNOT WAIT until football season." Sure, I think we'll have a good year. I could see us easily having 9-10 wins and possibly (it's going to be very tough but "possibly") appearing in the SECC. I'm excited for Joe Cox and all those guys, but man, I just ain't "feeling it" yet. Quinton over at PWD's blog had a similar feeling, but that was nearly a month ago. Either way, I'm just ready to kick it off and finally get excited.

4. Plug it in, plug it in. -- I work for a company that sells gift baskets, holiday tins and holiday towers. If you're part of a company that does any gift-giving during the holiday season, please let me know. I'll cut you a deal.

6. My name's not "Tom" -- I'll just put this out in the open. ALL STRAIGHT MEN (and some women) WANT TO SEE ERIN ANDREWS NAKED. However, what happened to her was plain awful. Truthfully, it's pretty horrific, even for a Florida Gator like herself. Since she lives in Atlanta, I'll stick up for our own and say that I hope whoever did this is brought to justice and gets ass-pounded in a prison by some guy named "Booty" for a very long time.

Well, there's my rants. Enjoy your weekend.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger MikeInValdosta said...
Start loosening up, Ludakit, practice starts next week!