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Tuesday, August 11, 2009
I don't want to single out Tech fans because it gives them great pleasure when they know they've gotten under my skin, but the desperation they show consistently irks me to a point where I can't handle it any longer.

For instance, I used to read articles on the AJC about the Dawgs. USED TO. However, there's this one a-hole names Saint Simons who always, ALWAYS posts "45-42" as the first comment. ALWAYS.

Now, winning and rubbing it into your rival's face is all well and good. I'm all for it. But doing it in every post and being the first to do it is just an absolute cry for help. Hell, that means this doucebag sits on all day long waiting for a new post to come up just so he can comment on it. Then, all the guy has is "45-42?" Really? I mean that's like talking smack to Tiger Woods and all you can say "Oh yeah? Well you didn't win The Masters this year." I mean after you look at everything we have from making our program one of the most profitable in the country, selling out every game, not needing a media marketing program to get people to come, having a band full of students that go to our own school (for those who don't know, GSU students comprise a significant portion of Tech's band), etc. etc., you'd think that Georgia Tech could do better, but they can't.

Georgia Tech, you should actually take a lesson from UGA in regards to the UGA/FL series. Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed our victory in 2007, but that still doesn't make the record any better. We are well aware to watch our mouths with the Gators b/c ultimately, they have it going for them over the last 18 years.

You'd all be well served to watch your mouths when our coach hasn't lost on YOUR field. Sure, you'll still be a good-to-better team in the ACC this year. You know, that conference that hangs its laurels on Virginia Tech to prove their legitimacy? You know, the conference that couldn't sell out a championship game if they gave away free tickets to the Cheetah and two-for-one lap dances? You're more delusional than Britney Spears on a bender and the catch is that at least she's popular and has done something in the last 20 years.

One day my life will be complete when that joke by Coke you call a college disappears off the face of the earth when the spaceship behind the meteor finally returns and you drink the Kool-Aid like you should have years ago.

There's only a handful of you guys that I like and the truth is, I try hard to like everyone. Separately, you aren't that bad, but as a group, you become a mob of morons waiting to cement their legacy as the most annoying fan base on the planet. Sure, LSU is horrible, but at least THEY'LL fight you. You couldn't raise a fist in anger unless someone spoke harshly about World of Warcraft.

So, keep on going, you worthless bunch of virgins. We'll be at your home in November and we'll be ready to take back what's rightfully ours...

Your Pride.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

Oh and Tuck Fech.

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Blogger Bernie said...
Yeh, bet that St Simons jackhole has those transformer pictures pasted all over his mother's basement.

Douche, indeed.

Anonymous Rex said...
That's the nerd that prompted my tirade against the bees last week...he posts on the recruiting blog too...that's what did me in.

Freakin' wankmeister

Blogger MikeInValdosta said...
The title alone was worth the read.

What do you call a Georgia Tech man the night he loses his virginity?

a rape victim

Anonymous Mechele said...
You're too funny, Kit ... LMAO

Anonymous RedCrake said...
Angel Cabrera: "Hey Tiger, you didn't win.....this one time....ha ha ha....oh, wait."

Nice analogy.

Also, Tech fans are pathetic. I have two in-laws who went to Tech (both majored in business I might add...why would you do that?) and endlessly talk shit as Tech fans are wont to do. I've been to more Georgia games in the last year than they've been to Tech games in their whole life. I guess that's why Sanford doesn't have a free hot dog and coke program.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was in line with my 16 year old daughter buying school supplies, and there was a woman in front of us who was wearing a Tech T-shirt with 45-42 "State Champions". My daughter, while not the world's biggest football fan, made the comment, "Wow, Mom. What ultimate fail that she's actually PROUD to wear that."

Anonymous Saint Simons said...

Anonymous Kit, you're way too angry towards Tech. We're not even rivals. said...
Kit, quit getting so worked up about Tech fans, and projecting your insecurities. (world of warcraft, etc)
Luckily for you, when GSU has a marching band, your big issue with Tech's band will no longer be one.
And no, the portion of GSU students in the band is not "significant".
Even if it were, so what? It just means GSU kids want to be a part of Tech football.
Also, you seriously get worked up about the AJC comments section? The biggest cess pool of idiots ever? (from both sides) Alright then.