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Sunday, September 06, 2009
The following is an open letter to anyone dumb enough to think that Coach Mark Richt (CMR) is no longer the right guy for this program. Proceed with caution.

You have been warned.

Dear Dumbasses,

Yep. That's what I called you. I know that starts us off on a bad foot, but at this point stupid is as stupid does, right? I mean, would you rather me called you "Dear Concerned Citizens Who Are Without Intelligence?" I mean that'd be like calling Megan Fox "adequate looking."

Beginning yesterday and leading into today, the message boards have lit up with you morons thinking that after one game, which if I need to remind you was a loss to a higher ranked opponent, CMR and everyone associated with him need to be dismissed. Now, I'm not claiming to know everything, but I do know Georgia Football and I'm quite sure that at this point, I know more than you.

I was always taught to dance with the girl you came with. Well, after losing two top 15 draft picks (namely a QB who I've learned to appreciate more since yesterday and a RB who I wish would've never left....ever), you seem to think that we'd be better this year than we were last year. Don't get me wrong, I read the practice reports too. I heard the offseason workouts were going well. I heard our RBs were looking good and that Joe Cox had come into his own.

You think it's a good idea to fire the coach who got us two SECC rings and consistently puts a top-20 team together? You think it's good to fire the coach who brought us back into the national picture? You think it's good to fire the coach who gave us a team in 2007 that might have been the best overall team we've seen since 1980? Sure, that team didn't win the SECC, but did you watch that team filled with CMR's recruits?

Here are some of your comments to a post on the Dawgvent labeled "If Not CMR, Then Who?", with the posters' names removed to protect those who may face retribution from others with brain cells:
"I'm all for about Muschamp for HC?"

"we seem to go to SECCG when UF and UT are down...well, those days are pretty much over, and I believe he will be continually outcoached by the teams with equal talent...ready for some new blood myself."

"No coach can ever be bigger than the program. Richt and his staff are seriously underperforming and sooner or later we must have accountability. Richt is fast going from one of the top twenty coaches in the country to middle of the pack or worse. We have looked poorly coached for a while now and it doesn't look likely to change anytime soon."

How has Richt fared since graduating the last of Donnan's players...the same players that were key to him winning two SECCs??? He's done less with more than any coach I can recall at Georgia including Donnan. Donnan's problem was that he was too stubborn to make changes that were best for the team (sounds familiar to me). He also could not catch a break with his DCs. Bottom line...there are better candidates out there than Richt. It's not up to me to find them...but they exist.

"John Gruden"

Each break in the paragraphs was from a different poster. Now I'm not going to claim to be the end-all-be-all in UGA football, but out of all that hot air, I didn't see one good point. In fact, out of every coach that people could've chosen, the best the came up with was Will Muschamp and John Gruden? John F'N Gruden? Hell, he won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy's players, took over as GM and ran the Bucs back into mediocrity. In fact, if there's anything he CAN'T do, it's run a team effectively from top to bottom. Look, the best part of John Gruden's regime is now the DC at Tennessee. Besides, do you a-holes really want to experience Lane Kiffin part two? Let's hire another NFL guy and deal with THAT ego.

I could give a damn if you think I'm being harsh, or cruel, or dumb, or anything of that nature. I could also give a damn if you think I'm wrong, because I'm not.

Look, I watched the same game you saw yesterday. I saw Joe Cox play a very vanilla game with bad playcalling, poor running after first contact (I'm worried about Richard Samuel's balance and ability to break tackles), a horrible injury to a good kid, and a defense that was doing every damn thing it could to redeem itself from last year.

Yes I'm also worried about our kickoff coverage. Yes we lost seven points to a horrible call and probably cost ourselves another seven by a bogus block-in-the-back call on a punt return. Yes, I saw what you saw and no, I didn't like it one damn bit either.

But some of you folks have your heads so far up your own asses that if I pushed you, you'd roll all the way to Gainesville, FL and I'd hope to hell you stayed there. And if you think that because you're a booster or some type of fundraiser it makes your erroneous opinion correct, you are high off your ass.

Please put your tickets on eBay. I'll be heading to Athens this weekend and if you're going to spend your time booing and/or pouting, you don't deserve to be there. Obviously you have no idea what this is about and where we are as a program.

Sincerely (and no, I don't mean that),


Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Bernie said...
Whenever I go to a game that's a loss (which are pretty few since CMR came to Athens) my wife kids me to not get into a fight. Yesterday as I left the stadium I was appalled by some comments...from people wearing the same color I was.

I'm convinced these people refuse to or are unable to remember when bowl games weren't always a given.

Great post Kit. As usual.

Blogger Scott said...
Hear, hear...

Great post, and another illustration of why I stay away from message boards. My blood pressure can't take it.

Blogger Jason said...
What did you guys think about him punting the ball away down two scores with 6 minutes left? I thought it was way too conservative.

I also have a problem with Martinez still being our DC, I think Richt may have a problem admitting that he is wrong.............

Blogger Bulldog in Exile said...
Thanks, I wanted to write this, but couldn't figure out how to say it without getting past your salutation.

The wife got offered season tickets from a Georgia fan, then told the guy "Hey, we aren't that kind of fan, jackass."

God, I love her.

Blogger Moose-Tipping said...
I would say that CMR is definitely still the right coach for the program, but he needs to reevaluate how he's running things. The last couple of years he's taken on this sort of hands-off "CEO" role instead of being more hands-on with the coaching, and the results have not been great. CMR is a coaching genius, and needs to make sure that his ideas are getting onto the field. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Blogger Sports Dawg said...
I agree, Kit, that we don't need a change at the top. But at some point, I think CMR will need to make some tough calls with his staff. I go by the creed "Once a Dawg, always a Dawg", but we might have a few problems in Athens. But then again, not nearly as many as we have in Washington!

Blogger Hal said...
Richt doesnt need to go anywhere, however some of his staff does.

Martinez is in over his head and we all have stats from the past few years to prove it. He is not coaching the talent, the talent is good enough to make him appear to be a coach. If you want to find a real DC, watch an Alabama game this season or just wait for the Florida game.

Bobo is not an SEC OC as evident by the play calling we saw on Saturday, not to mention the previous years. I promise you the Ol' Ball Coach was licking his chops while he watched this game last Saturday. He saw nothing his boys cant handle. One of the worst defenses in college football last year (Okie St) was made to look like Alabama because of the play calling.

While i agree that calling for Richts head is stupid, this is his team and until he makes some changes it is Richt who will take the heat. If you dont like fans, alumni, etc. criticizing our coach then you havent been around very long. In '78 and '79 the entire DAWG nation was ready to run Dooley out of Athens.

My point is this ... average coaching (both coordinators) with above average talent is not a recipe for championships! Richt needs to make the tough decision!

Anonymous IMHO said...
I love how everybody thinks CWM should go but Richt shouldn't. Bobo calls stupid plays but Richt is great. Cox can't get it done but Mark Richt is a great coach. Everybody hates the directional kickoffs, but Richt is doing a great job. Richt should do everything different but man is he a great coach. Give me a break guys. Richt is the culprit for not fixing these problems.

Anonymous Andrea said...
Great post!