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Sunday, November 22, 2009
But I tried anyway.

Warning: The video contains alcohol, some profanity, and...dare I say it...Maalox.


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Anonymous GT Southerner said...
As a Georgia Tech Student, I'd love for you to articulate why you think we suck.

First off, you have to forgive us that we have a high percentage of exchange students who don't know anything about football.

Secondly, forgive us that every accredited business school ranking source gives our business school a better ranking than yours. (US weekly ranks us for 2010 at 22 yall at 55, also check businessweekly). In addition, Our school is known for engineering; yours for business. This means that when our business school beats yours, yall suck really bad.

Beyond that, I'd just like to know why we suck so bad that at the Athens bars your girls always talk about how Tech guys are so much nicer, cuter, and more gentlemanly that the dawgs at their southern school.

If you start talking about our fans, I'll just to have to start showing in statistics why we're better (salary, employment stats, you know those number things that they teach yall after crayon courses).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have to agree with GT Southerner. One of the biggest issues you run into as a UGA undergrad are the GT students, with their striking looks and incredible social skills, who breeze into town and pick up girls with lines such as "I'm going to be a chemical engineer" and "My World of Warcraft avatar reached a new power level this morning."

Anonymous GT Southerner said...
Anonymous, I think you are referring to the GT students who don't go to bars and/or don't get hired. Also, I think the guy who runs this post has mentioned specifically in his last post how he'd like to use some World of warcraft knowledge to make our Internationally competitive Institute to disappear.

Now I can't pretend that our School doesn't have a 70/30 ratio, or that we're not the #7 public school in the nation to yall's 20th. It tends to make our gentleman have more game and a more cordial manner and a larger salary. I can't say that on average we have better looking women, because yall do. I can't say that yall didn't win 7 years in a row in football, nor that yall aren't leading the series.

I can say that we have the longest win streak with 8 in a row. I can say that our school's academic difficulty discourages athletes attend, but we still manage to stay competitive. I can say that the chemical engineers average $90,000 a year. I can say by starting salary we make $58,900 to yalls$43,900 ($15,000 deficit)--by mid career salary $105,000 to $81,500 ($23,500 deficit)-- probably due to our excellent social and leadership skills.

stats taken from

Blogger Ludakit said...
Wait, GT Southerner, let me get this straight...

You want to show me STATISTICS on why you guys are better? You want to break it down to the science of math to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that y'all are better than we are?

Why do I even write the jokes when you guys do it for us? Math? Really? That's like being challenged by a sumo wrestler that he can eat more than me.

There are fundamental things that are true in which math can't prove or disprove. One of which, being your "Athens girls like Tech guys better" theory which is the most riotous thing I've seen in quite a while.

Look, we don't have students that are plotting terroristic attacks against the U.S. YOU DO. We don't play Thursday night football games. YOU DO. We sell out our stadium before the season kicks off. YOU DON'T. Hell, you even had to offer a package of four cokes and hot dogs even to put asses in the seats of a stadium that rivals some of the larger high school stadiums of Texas in size.

As always, you Tech folks are grasping at straws because big brother down the street has shown why his parents love him more than you.

You want numbers? I'll give you numbers. Life = 1. Tech = 0.

Otherwise, I request you keep coming back all week for some "Hate Week 2009" action. You won't agree with hardly anything I say, but I promise you, numbers won't be involved, so you might get a little lost along the way.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
GT Southerner... you keep crunching your numbers and wasting your time trying to find some more numbers to prove scientifically why you are better. Get over it... the Dawgs are just more loved and will always be in this state! Try finding a stat for that...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'll be honest with you, I'm not impressed with the salaries of either school. If I thought I'd only be making $105,000.00 "mid-career", I'd go find another one.

Also, equating engineers with "excellent social skills" is hilarious. I've got a tip for you, the short sleeve button up shirt with the ties screams "I've never been with a woman."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm sorry most of our fans went to our school. And I'm also sorry that none of these posts can do anything but rip on stereotypes that have nothing to do with the rest of us. Also, terrorist attacks=virginia tech. And sorry I have to bring math back into this, but I find it necessary seeing as you can't see how 55,000 that Bobby Dodd seats is far greater than the 23,000 that the largest high school stadium in Texas seats. We're in the middle of Atlanta with the oldest field in college football.

Suck on those numbers. As a whole, you guys just suck. And that only applies to like 10% of your students.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't know why anyone is trying to legitimately engage Kit.
He has some sort of frightening mental imbalance. Don't bother.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
There are few sights in college football more impressive than a half-filled Bobby Dodd Stadium on Thursday night.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can sum up the difference between UGA and Georgia Tech with two pictures:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Get over it people... it will all be settled Friday! Who cares how much more you get paid, or how much more your liked by UGA girls, where your business school ranks and your stadium seating size! Be glad your ass has the opportunity to go to college and/or have a decent job!

Anonymous GT Southerner said...
Amen, to the last post. It's funny, but 2 of my sisters are graduating from the MCG Nursing school at UGA. Also, my Mom graduated from the journalism school. Best of luck, I know the game will be hard-fought no matter what the prediction is.

Blogger Russell said...