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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I, like many folks, have been utterly blown away by the events that took place today regarding Urban Meyer and the now vacant head coaching position at Florida. I mean not only are you looking at Florida losing what is statistically the best coach they've ever had, but they are in what could only be classified as a "cluster f*ck of epic proportions."

Florida proved today that it is the standard in college football right now. Its losing Urban sent shockwaves throughout CFB in a manner that Notre Dame could only dream of nowadays.

Speaking of which, how dumb does Brian Kelly feel right now?

Moving on to what this does to Florida:

In separate instances, you lose Tebow, OK. You lose a great DC, OK. Urban leaves for whatever reason, sucks, but OK. You lose a whole host of other talented players due to graduation and early entry into the draft, OK. Your staff begins to slowly leave, including your recruiting coordinator, OK.

All of those things in separate instances are manageable. Together, it's a shit show.

Make no mistake, Florida is Florida. They will get a good head coach. They will still win 8-10 games or more a year based on talent alone. However, you can't replace "the best" with better. Why? Because he's the best. ANYONE is a step down at this point.

Oh and don't be surprised if Stoops, who is quite comfortable in Norman, doesn't take the 7-days-week, fickle fanbase, ridiculous expectations job at Florida. Any head coach with any sense of self-preservation, & making over $2 million a year, won't be taking that job.

Florida would be mindful to go after an offensive guy. A defensive mind sets the offense back at least two years learning a new system. That's why I think Kyle Whittingham from Utah will be the new HC there.

Oh and if you think it's gonna be a cake walk in the SEC, think again. It's more wide open than it was, but our chances overall haven't improved THAT exponentially.

However, ones got to think the person who's flat out orgasmic about this is Lane Kiffin. He's so excited, he probably has already committed a handful of secondary violations by now.

Best wishes to Urban on a speedy recovery. I never wished him ill, but I'm damn glad not to be facing his teams anymore.

What are your thoughts?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous CliffDawg said...
As a fanatic Georgia fan, but also a follower of Jesus Christ, here a novel idea for many DAWGS. There is a lot more to this life than FOOTBALL! Urban Meyer is a fine man and did the right thing. I pray for he and his families health and happiness!