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Monday, January 11, 2010

You've no doubt heard by now that Kirby Smart turned down the opportunity to become the next DC at UGA. All things considered, it sucks for us but Kirby made a career move today instead of coming home to Mama.

Saban surely said to him that if he stayed he'd have a head coaching gig for sure in 1-3 years. You can rest assure that the conversation also included "if you don't succeed immediately at UGA, your name will cool off and you may moss a great opportunity while trying to be loyal to you alma mater." In the end, I think the intagibles kept Kirby, not the money.

Where do the Dawgs go from here? I have no clue. Not a single idea. All I know is that we have egg on our face. We look like fools and we also look like a school that no one with any proven success (Chavis, Foster, Smart) wants to be at. These are perceptions, not reality.

If I'm in the UGAAD, I'm leaking info about a term sheet being signed and Kirby changing his mind at the 11th hour. Plenty of folks and I disagree on this, and I'm not saying we skewer Kirby publicly, but a well-timed "leak" would be my plan of action.

However that can't be the focus now. The focus is getting on the horn and finding someone who drastically WANTS to be at Georgia. With our financial resources, we'll find someone good or even GREAT. The idea at this point though, is to stop giving everyone raises and start putting ink to paper.

We were at a stage where the longer this went, the better our chances of securing a top-flight guy. Now, the longer this goes, the worse it is for our program.

This next week is CRITICAL. You can put it any more simple than that.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. - Sorry for any grammatical errors. It's not always easy to do this from my phone.

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