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Monday, March 29, 2010
I meant to talk some about the defense, but I couldn't do it. I got carried away on ranting about the North Campus people. By the way, I had a BLAST ranting about the North Campus people. I originally recorded this Friday but haven't had the chance to post it until today.

Defense stuff coming in the next couple days. Until then, enjoy!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Chubs,

How much money do donors pay for their tickets? I'll answer for you: A whole damn lot. With the amount that they have to pay, you are stupid to think they aren't entitled to hang out on one of the more attractive area's of the university's property before the game. You are also stupid if you don't think they are entitled to a tent to shade them from the sun on a hot August/September day. Also, there are some people that pay thousands of dollars each year for a specific parking spot on game days, and you are stupid if you think they are not entitled to bring a pull behind trailer so they can keep their beverages cold and watch other football games until they head to the stadium. Last but certainly not least, you are stupid if you think donors should not be entitled to know about these rules BEFORE their donations were due, instead of a few days AFTER.

So yeah chubby boy, do me a favor and get a life. Also, thank for posting a link to this ridiculous video, otherwise I'm sure nobody would have watched it considering I'm the only comment so far.


Mark Feeley

Blogger Ludakit said...

First, let's begin with the obvious. You're not the first person to ever call me fat. You certainly won't be the last. Now, we could resort to name calling, but I have a better idea. How about I make you look like a fool (which won't be tough at all) and then you feel free to not visit here again?

Secondly, let's take your "points" and dissect them one by one:

1) No one cares about how much money you donate. You might think we do, but the truth is that we ALL give money to the university, from the purchasing of a single ticket, to buying season tickets and parking passes. I never said that it was COMPLETELY FREE. I did say however that tailgating on North Campus was free, which it is. Save your money-waving for your midlife crisis when you have to wake up five times a night to take a piss.

2) Even with all your money-waving, you're not "entitled" to anything. Again, this is a problem with our ego and your wallet working together. You should spend more time trying to form a meet-and-greet for your mouth and your brain, which apparently haven't met as of this moment.

3) The question has never been "should people tailgate on North Campus." It's been "should they be ALLOWED to tailgate on North Campus if they keep making an absurd mess of the place." It turns out that if you trash the area, they take it away from you. You might remember this from your younger days, but it seems that discipline is still alive and well in America.

4) Did the university overreach in its reaction to the new tailgating rules? Yep. Is it fair? Nope. Do I care? Not really. Why? Because it turns out that I tailgate in an area where people clean up after themselves and leave a very small footprint of their presence. Now, do I hate it for the ones who ran a responsible tailgate on North Campus? Absolutely. However, if more people were wiling to "be their brother's keeper" then maybe this mess could've been avoided.

5) I'll agree with you that changing the rules after the donor money came in is really shady. However, isn't it funny how that works? Turns out, you and your seemingly fat wallet makes a mockery out of North Campus and then the piggy you've been paying makes a mockery of you. You probably haven't been caught with your pants down that badly since your days of "thank you sir, may I have another?"

6) I do have a life sir. A very good one in fact, which allows me to do what I love which includes drinking, hanging out with my friends, and blogging on this thing we like to call "The Internet."

7) I've had conversations with the guys at Dawgbone and have thanked them endlessly for linking me up. In doing so, they've helped me get over a QUARTER OF A MILLION hits in the years I've been doing this, and that doesn't even count the page views, which is nearly twice as large. So, trust me when I say that many others are reading this, and therefore, many others have just watched me make a fool of you and your "rebuttal."

So, I openly welcome you to find me this football season if you'd like to discuss this further in person. Be careful though. If things get heated, I might just sit on you.

Respectfully Yours,


Blogger Russell said...

As a donor, (I'm not sure you are one, since you referred to donors as "them"), my donation entitles me to one thing, the right to purchase tickets. That's it, end of fucking list (My apologies to Ms. Kitchens).

If I give for years and years, maybe I'll receive a parking space close the stadium too. But my donation does not entitle me to anything beyond the ability to purchase tickets.

It does NOT "entitle" me; "hang out on one of the more attractive area's of the university's property before the game". It does NOT "entitle" me to put up a tent on land that I don't own. It also does NOT "entitle" me to bring a trailer to keep my beverages cold. So now we know what donors are "entitled" to. Consider yourself educated.

UGA football and athletic programs are a business. If you have issues with the time line of how the tailgating changes rolled out, then by all means, go cheer for someone else. We won't miss you.

You obviously don't know that this blog is well respected amongst the UGA sports bloggers. You evidently also don't know that it's common decency not to piss in someone else's sandbox. If you have an issue with The Dawg Gone Blog, then start your own website and see if you can pull off something better. Then bring the Pepsi challenge.

Resorting to name calling is classless and a sign of a lesser mind.

God Bless,

Russell Sauve

By the way, are you the same Mark Feeley that wrestled for UGA?

Blogger Dave said...
... furthermore, why in the hell would you need a damn pull-behind trailer to keep beverages cold? Is this the red cross or something?

Anonymous Jack Schitt said...
Mark, you got what you deserved from the responders. I've seen this "I-contribute-therefore-I-deserve" idiot innuendo before and it smacks of someone who is possibly responsible for a lot of the littering("Let those lazy janitors I experienced when I was here clean it up. I'm outta here"). It more calls to question whether you even attended or completed UGA. If you did then I would think that you would want the campus protected from foul, low-brow litterers. I am aware of a redneck jerk who got tickets from his boss who donated, received tickets, but couldn't attend. The jerk was also given our slick brochure for ticket selection packages to buy other tickets (which he did). He had never set foot on the UGA or any campus before he attended on his boss's tickets. His "donations" were for purchasing tickets. That put him in a continuing category to get tickets since (as has been explained to you) it is a business. If it was of any importance to you I would think that you would elect to approach our President and propose a solution whereby you and your big tailgating friends would be responsible in the future for the cleanliness of the area. You could propose to pay for the privilege since the campus belongs to the faculty and students now attending and we are now outsiders to campus responsibility. That now makes it a privilege for us to tailgate on any part of their campus.

Nah!! You would rather bellyache instead of taking responsibility. Blaming it on Adams and this guy is your way since it is the low way. I don't like Adams any more than the rest of the Alumni, but for things like our investments in high-priced Costa Rican property and the Alumni Fund. He is perfectly correct to stop the trashing of the present campus and you can lay on anyone you like, but you ain't going to set foot on and trash North Campus again! If you have no more pride than to let Adams treat you like a kid, then I say that you deserve it. Act like a man and approach the University with diplomacy if you truly want to tailgate on campus again. The money will help the school in other ways and, afterall, that's what you as an Alumnus wants, isn't it?

Anonymous Jason E said...
Hey Kit,

Great video. And I second everything you said in both the video and in defense of it. My only issue with the changes are the campus wide ones.

I am disappointed they took advantage of the fact that they were making changes to North campus and made new rules that affect everyone. I have been coming to games my entire life and I've yet to see a reason that the cars/trucks on Carlton St. parked on the sidewalk cause any anyone. Moving them (most likely to a deck) is purely a way to get more money, I don't care what excuses they come up with.

Second, the removal of trailers from all of campus is absurd. There are dozens of tailgates set up legally that use a trailer to bring their TVs, satellites, tables, etc. and this is a huge inconvenience. Not everyone has a vehicle large enough for everything they need to host such great tailgates. And not all trailers are huge monstrosities; maybe a size rule on trailers would've been a good alternative?

Just thought I'd share my two sense. Agree with the North campus changes, but completely disagree with the campus wide changes my opinion, can't be justified.