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Monday, April 24, 2006

I always love when Anonymous comments on my blog. He/she/it is SO educated and NOTHING ever slips past Anonymous.

Here is the nugget of wisdom I received from earlier from our favorite commenter...

"perhaps this is a good time for someone to point out that no single individual can represent wholly an entire population with whom that individual shares a single characteristic. There are crazy Mulsims, crazy Christians, crazy atheists, crazy liberals, crazy conservatives, crazy men, crazy women, crazy whites, crazy blacks, and so on. To judge a group by one person is not always accurate, to make statements based on that judgement merely makes the claimant seem uneducated and closed-minded."

Here are some news flashes...

1) I'm educated.

2) I'm funny.

3) I singled out terrorists and Tech students. It's not my fault damn near all of the terrorists are Muslim, that's called "fact."

4) I don't give a fuck what you think.

Time and time again one person can't seem to take a joke. Yeah so the Tech Terrorist piece was a little over the top. It was meant to be that way. Why? Because I hate Georgia Tech and I'm no fan of terrorists. Hell it's a match made in heaven for any Dawg fan that happens to be slightly conservative.

If you have a problem with what I say, then by all means voice your opinion. It irks me when you do it anonymously, because anonymous is anyone that wants to be that way and so therefore dialogue between two people is inefficient and unproductive (wow, that is one educated sounding sentence!).

If you don't like what I wrote...tough shit. It was funny and not harmful to say the least. I never said all Muslims were shit, but I will claim Tech fans to be that way (and I even have some in my family).

If I offended you, I kind of apologize. I never mean to hurt feelings, but if yours gets hurt in the process of a blog that was a farce more than a statement, then who really has the problem? Me, for being slightly offensive, or you for being very defensive?

Praise be to Allah.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- To prove my fairness to offending all races and religions, note this post from the Pope Watch of April 2005.

Blogger Brett said...
Balls up and say who you are, Anonymous. Nobody likes a pussy.

What seems really uneducated and closed-minded is when you respond to a stereotype that wasn't even in the original post. Nice work, moron. You make liberals look stupid because all you can do is spit out the cliche. As someone who leans a little more left each day, I would appreciate your trying to restrict your communication to something other than what you can regurgutate from TV for the sake of my dignity.

All white Christians aren't in the KKK. All conservatives don't bomb abortion clinics. All blacks weren't in the Black Panthers. And not all muslims are terrorists.

This one, however, is according to his own admission and the opinion of a grand jury. That's all Kit said... this one.

Lastly, please realize that knee-jerk accusations decrease the willingness of the public to take future accusations seriously. When you scream all the time, there is no such thing as screaming. When everything is an emergency, nothing is urgent. And when every event is met with charges of racism, pretty soon no one will listen when the charges have merit.

Blogger Philip said...
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Brett's assertion that "nobody likes a pussy" isn't completely accurate, unless qualified with the definition that "pussy" means "coward", "wimp", "spineless jackass" or some other equally denegrating description.


Blogger Brett said...
Yes... what he said.

Blogger Simon said...
Fuck it, go ahead and insult.

Blogger galarza said...
HMMM...that comment sounds like someone i know.... who often hides behind 'anonymous'...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I regret that my previous comment frustrated so many. I was not hoping to provoke others nor was I defending anyone. I actually agree with much of what Brett said...I too feel that "regurgitating" what others have said is not by any means worthy of attention.

I can take a joke. As we all know, there are people who cannot. I happened across this blog, and I know none of you, and none of you know me, so I thought it would be interesting if we could all get past the initial wariness of anonymous, faceless blog postings and really talk about this. As a former Tech student, I am well aware of some of the statistics of the student population and as for UGA vs Tech, well, it's not my thing.

For the record, I have actually been accepted to the graduate school of UGA. I'm not just sitting around trying to incite hatred...I'm going into the field of education and was interested in finding out what you (blogger, readers, whoever) really think about things.

Again, I apologize. Perhaps in the future I should keep my thoughts to myself. I hope no one has been seriously offended, because I did not set out with that goal in mind.

Blogger Brett said...

A few points...

1. Pretty big of you to come back around after I had a bitchy day and decided to take it out on you.

2. We still don't know your name... that's what really irritates me. I would be happy to discuss stereotyping and profiling, as long as the person with whom I am discussing it is proud enough of her/his thoughts to give me their first name and their general geographic location. In fact, I will be happy to open a forum on my own blog if you like... but you can't speak there anonymously.

3. I don't think you offended anyone. You pissed me off because you wouldn't stand behind your words. I'm sorry I was childish and called you names. Good luck to you at UGA.

Blogger Brett said...
It would also be nice if I could spell "regurgitate" or separate "racism" from "religious stereotyping."

... and here comes the guilt, right on cue.