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Sunday, May 07, 2006
They have lakes apparently. I'll be flying out in a little under 5 hours to be in Chaska, MN until Thursday morning. The trip is for the current employer who feels the need to train me to take the next step.


It should be a fun trip, even though I'm terrified of flying, but I kind of enjoy it in a roller coaster type way. If I crash and die, please reference this post about who gets what. I skimmed over it and everything's just about the same, so I think it will be fine. There are a couple of things that have moved and/or been thrown away, so someone please give BDB about $300 to pay him back for all the Jack I've chiefed over the years.

Just to give you a quick roundup of what I'll be doing over the week, when/if I land tonight, I'll be calling this old friend who's in a much higher paying bracket than I am and we'll meet up to get something to eat, talk about old times and new ones, and get something signed for Jeb. After that, I'll be in seminars during the day and meeting, drinking, mingling with other folks within the company at night. Then on Wednesday evening I hope to meet up with another friend who I haven't seen since she came to Savannah to see me last year. Then I'll fly back Thursday morning, work half a day (no, I'm fucking serious), and hopefully have time to deflate and catch up before another busy weekend. Should be fun times.

Everyone be safe this week and I expect new blogs for me to tear through when I get home.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
hey i requested your dog tags in that previous post! i also "flashed" you to ensure I earned my beads. crazy...

don't worry you'll land. Tell DT I said hi!

wuv yuz

Blogger Philip said...
So I'm thinking BDB should call in that debt-- songwriters gotta eat...

Blogger galarza said...
hey, can you get me NFC tickets??