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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Starting tomorrow The Dawg-gone Blog goes on a short hiatus so that it's proprietor can go do stupid shit in Las Vegas.

Photo: Your mom has either thrown her
drawers at this man or would like to before she dies.

I have goals on this mission and I share them with you now:

1. Place some type of bet on the Dawgs.
2. Win SOMETHING at poker.
3. Drink a lot for free.
4. See hot women.
5. Sleep with at least one of them.***
6. Try not to get pick-pocketed.
7. Try not to get pissed when I take a bad beat in poker (I write this after I put my door knob through my wall merely 10 minutes ago after a VERY bad beat.)
8. Don't think about work at all.
9. Have a drink with someone famous.
10. Have one of the best vacations ever with Stacy G. and Russ.

***optional due to sharing a room with Stacy and a tremendous fear of children and STDs.

I'd love to have someone step in and take the keys to the blog while I'm gone, but:
1) I'm only gone until Saturday
2) Not enough people read this shit to warrant such a thing.

So, hopefully I'll come back with kickass stories and some money in my pocket (WHICH I KNOW WILL NOT HAPPEN) but here's to being drunk on a plane since I'm terrified of flying, drunk in a hotel since I get to drink for free as long as I gamble, and....well there ain't much else. If I die, please refer to this post to see who gets what.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Stacy said...
I wish I was the Stacy G. going to Vegas with you!!

Blogger Oob said...
The Kit I knew will never be the same...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Don't believe that about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You could easily bring something careful!