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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
I had said not too long ago that Boise State did not deserve a shot in the BCS. I had pointed out that their weak ass schedule didn't warrant the chance to play on the national stage against the big boys. If they wanted to sit at the table with the grown ups, then they needed to act grown up as well.

And every once in a while, I'm really friggin' wrong.

We can talk over and over again about the Dawgs' victory on Saturday and there is a post in the near future about the good and bad from the Peach Bowl, but last night while I was asleep, one team figured out exactly what "bowling" meant.

Do I think Boise State is a better team than Oklahoma? Depends. Were they better coached? Possibly. DID THEY WANT IT MORE? Abso-f*cking-lutely.

I'm not a fan of Jared "Tha Big Z" Zabransky. He doesn't appear to me to be a total team guy, and watching him melt down in Sanford Stadium two years ago showed me that, at that time, he wasn't ready to take the good with the bad in college football. However, since then he has been well coached and has bought into a system that was perfectly designed for his strengths.

I also can't say enough about Ian Johnson, when after being asked "Do you deserve a shot at Ohio State?" he responded (paraphrasing) "No. We had our bowl. We had our win, and we're happy with that." He conducted his interview in a very classy manner and even though his emotions were probably running wild after pulling a definitive "Cinderella story," he kept his composure and didn't talk smack like "The Big Z" did. Then he proposed to his hot ass cheerleader/fiance, and then probably got a threesome opportunity.

The truth is, as tired as I am right now (and I'm REALLY tired), I wish I would've stayed up last night and watched the game. I had a feeling I would regret it as soon as some people called me and told me I would. Then I KNEW I regretted it when I woke up with the text message "You just missed one of the all time great college football games." You guys were right. Sorry I suck.

I'll eat my crow and I'll enjoy it. Everyone loves a feel good story and regardless if you think Boise State deserved to be there last night (now I'm on the fence instead of completely opposed), or if you think that Boise State deserved to be whipping Georgia Tech instead, the truth is for one night a team played with heart and determination. They had the spirit to win at all costs.

When you have the spirit to win at all costs, you literally can't lose.

Utnil next time kids.

Be safe.
Blogger Paige said...
I missed it too and really am sorry about that. I've seen highlights all day though and it really was a great game.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It was just awsome for the first time in along time i found myself absolutely caught up in a team and actually cheering at the TV. Although i don't think they can compete on a level with the BCS teams for a season they are good enough to play with anyone as we saw. There are 2 teams this year i am really excited Boise and Wake they both deserve all the credit they get.