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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Well, it came and went and we got a few answers to some key questions. However, in the spring, nothing ever really shakes out like it's going to in the fall. All it really does is let the UGA fans evaluate some new names, see some UGA Football, and give them an excuse to talk about the upcoming season.

Ten things we learned from G-day:

1. Stafford is going from being a good QB to a great one. -- The kid's arm is a damn cannon, his decision-making ability is ten-fold what it was this time last year, and he speaks like a leader. All this, and the kid is only 19 years old. I really think he's the kind of talent that is going to bring other talent to Athens that will help us win a National Championship by 2009.

2. Kris Durham has the tools. He just needs the body. -- I think we all know that KD has some primetime play-making ability, he just needs to beef up some. I would've liked to have seen him with about 10-15 more lbs on his frame, but he showed that he can break tackles, make tough catches, and even throw the ball when necessary. He is becoming a very solid option for us.

3. Our Defense has a long way to go. -- Look, let's just call and spade a spade. We looked weak out there on Saturday. It's true. While I know that on days like G-day we purposefully only bring the blitz maybe 10% of the time, we still have players that are way inexperienced at a lot of positions. The positives include a lot of depth in the secondary and some solid vocal leadership. The negatives include missed tackles, blown assignments, and a lack of a pass rush without bringing more than four guys at a time. We have to get better here, and I believe we will.

4. Knowshon is as good as advertised. -- There's a reason why he has been the talk of the tailbacks since he arrived last year. The way he cuts and, as The Song Writer put it, "makes himself thin," he is going to be a very big weapon for us. I think Richt was sending a message to him via TV when all they kept talking about was his inability to pass block. That will come along with time and a greater understanding of the offense. I really like what I saw out of the kid. Honestly, I wish that Thomas Brown wouldn't come back this fall so we could have a Lump, Knowshon, and Caleb King (if he qualifies) backfield. There's no sense in rushing TB if we're already deep. We'll need him next year.

5. We do not have a punting game. -- The race to replace Ely-Kelso is on and it's not going incredibly well. I know that Coutu is lobbying to pull double duties, but there's no need in wearing out his leg in games where we might need a 50+ yarder FG from him. If our offense should stutter (and it inevitably will at some point...that's just football), we'll need good field position and right now, we won't get it.

6. Willie Martinez is just trying to fire up his kids. -- As I said earlier, it doesn't make for a very exciting G-day when the QB is getting touched every other play and can't get anything going. Our defense held a lot back last Saturday and for all those that are freaking out; don't. We're going to be fine, as long as we bring the blitz. As soon as Ellerbe gets out of the dog house (if ever), he is our guy to be the 5th pass rusher. Just wait and see.

7. We're very deep at WR. -- Sean Bailey looked really good, MoMass did his thing, Chandler looked solid, and it's only going to get better. They have found a way to work Mikey Henderson into more offensive sets and I think Bobo is taking advantage of a great QB and a deep WR corp. Speaking of which...

8. The days of having to explain UGA highlights are over. -- Mike Bobo is ready to make ESPN on a regular basis. By going to a four WR set, we're looking to throw more deep balls and take advantage of number 7's arm strength. The Song Writer and myself agree that running a trick play at the beginning of the game is a hint of what's coming. Will we always see that kind of trickeration? Hell no. But we are willing to take more chances. Hopefully the days of explaining to your buddies how great that deep bomb was are coming to an end. Your buddies should now be coming to you and talking about how we made the ESPN Top Ten.

9. Hines Ward is still a Dawg. -- I got a little fired up after Super Bowl XL when Hines Ward said "Hines Ward -- College Park" instead of "Hines Ward -- University of Georgia." I understand that where he is from makes his jump all the way to the NFL that much more impressive, but I also know he wouldn't have gotten there without a little help from his college alma mater. Some disagreed with me (namely PWD), but it did bug me just a touch. However, he helped out a LOT on Saturday with his great prescence on the sideline combined with a great interview during halftime. Big ups to Hines Ward. Welcome back to my good graces...even though you never really left.

10. David Pollack is going to be just fine. -- I've had the pleasure of meeting one of the nicest incredibly cocky guys in the history of all the people I've met. I played Xbox with him and Greene a couple of times and he is a really good friend of a buddy of mine that still resides in Athens. He is an all-around good guy and it's great to see him doing so well after his injury.


Since we haven't seen or heard from her in a while, Keira Knightley has decided to swing by the site for a much needed appearance.

Keira gets a kick of out "Step Three." Image from

Well, there's your highlights. Any agreements/disagreements?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger BulldogBry said...
I feel the same way about the receivers. There have been flashes of brilliance from all of those guys. If they hang on to the ball, look out.

Blogger Band Director Guy said...

Blogger Corley said...
I even missed the ESPN coverage. Thanks, feel like I was there. Go Dawgs.