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Friday, June 22, 2007
“‘Wreck-less’ Abandon – Wreck Rambles to Wreck Yard”

Somewhere in GA – The “Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech” may be a helluva engineer, but “driving” is not exactly his strong suit. On the way to an appearance, the Wreck actually became “wrecked” and joined the distinguished club of “things whose names are also verbs.” The only other member of this club until recently was talented vocal artist “Sting.”

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Above all, that is most important. However, now that we all agree everyone’s ok; Georgia fans have taken off the gloves and the demoralizing has begun.

The story goes that as the main vehicle was driving down the interstate, the gentleman driving saw a female on the side of the road with a broken down car. He turned his head (not out of chivalry…out of disparity) and thusly pulled the trailer to the side along with him. Things slowly went out of control and the pictures below tell the rest of the story…

The next picture is not related to this story in anyway, but is just funny in general:

Moving on...

Apparently there is no fund for repairs, and since the Wreck wasn’t being operated at the time, there was no insurance to cover it. Donations are being taken through Paypal, which proves that “Engineer” is not a synonym for “Mechanic.” Sources have confirmed that, much like any time Tech steps on the field with UGA, the Ramblin’ Wreck is a total loss.

When asked about the lack of funds for repairs on the symbol of the university, Athletic Director Dan Radakovich was quoted as saying “We minimized our profits last year with ticket packages that included shirts, concessions, seats, someone to clap for you when you didn’t feel like it, a Reggie Ball report card, and a pinch of Calvin Johnson’s finest ‘stash.’ There just wasn’t much leftover from that. We have to get people in this stadium on Thursday nights and it’s just not the easiest thing to do.”

Phone calls to Chan Gailey were not immediately returned. The press was told he was “hot on the recruiting trail snatching up as many 2-stars as he can.”

The first three images courtesy of PWD and the Georgia Sports Blog.

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Anonymous natalie said...

Just wait, "Dawgs".

Blogger Stacy said...
Somewhere in Georgia = Central Georgia...they reported it on 13WMAZ...go fig...

Anonymous Ally said...
when are you gonna post again? Miss your writing.