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Saturday, July 28, 2007
Someone tipped me off about another Dawg in handcuffs. I couldn't help myself. I had to write this immediately...

Lately, we have had a lot of players end up in legal trouble. We've had players drive in the wrong lane (on a fucking moped), pass in the wrong lane, drink a beer underage, admit to giving said underage player said beer, threaten to whip someone's ass if he didn't get into a bar, and (allegedly) severely beating up high school kids with the help of a couple of friends.

Here's what I don't get. What I don't get is that the first 5 of those 6 violations listed above usually warrant a ticket and a TICKET ONLY. At worst, for most people (and I know a couple of those people) they got a ticket and was then threatened with jail time after a SECOND OFFENSE.

Years ago, you would've been hung from the Arches for putting a UGA Athlete in jail for stuff like this. I'm not saying that's right, but I am saying it's the exact opposite today where kids are being treated like major criminals for minor offenses.

Let's take what Tripp Taylor and Akeem Hebron supposedly did out of the equation. Those kids did some stupid shit to even put themselves in the situation they were in. Whether Tripp is guilty or not, he was still around when some stupid shit happened. There is no excuse for not doing the right thing at a time like that.

But what about Caleb King, NaDerris Ward, Blake Barnes, and Tripp Chandler? What's wrong with those situations? Why are Athens Clarke County Cops and UGA Police taking it upon themselves to single handedly make headlines while they're "protecting and serving?"

My explanation: Power.

If you've been to the University of Georgia anytime over the past 5 years, you'll notice the climate around there has changed. UGA and ACC police sure are getting friendly with sororistitues and bar fly bitches that plague the "more popular" places downtown. Those government employees prove to be just like those other government folks we always bitch about. They are taking an oath and making promises to do one thing, but instead are doing another.

I have a friend that works for the ACC police. He's a good guy. One of the few good ones I'm afraid. However, I keep seeing these machismo losers pedal around downtown on their bikes looking for some drunk fratty or (heaven forbid) athlete so they can assert some authority. If they don't happen to see one, then they'll just look for the first girl that's drunk enough to come over and want to be in handcuffs. The power of being able to find a reason to throw anyone in jail at any time is absolutely intoxicating I'm sure. Then knowing that some 21 year old (if she's even of age) hottie is flirting with your NASCAR-loving ass all because you wear the uniform has got to give you that added ego boost to makes you feel like you can do anything at any time.

I've said all this before. One time I accidentally ended up at the same place with some off duty cops who were bragging to my female friends about purposefully beating up a crack head and then throwing him in jail just because "no one would believe his story, right?" It's absolutely appalling.

I don't believe athletes deserve any special treatment at any point in time. They just don't. They are not better OR WORSE than any of those around us. It's time to be fair to everyone. This shit has gotten way out of hand.

Who could possibly be the source of all this? We'll, let's just take a look at a few possible factors:
  • Michael Adams -- UGA Athletics Dept. hates him and he basically runs the city. Any questions?
  • Damon Evans -- Would he cause this? No, but he might be the cause of it. A black AD at such a traditional southern university? Doesn't bother me, but I'm not racist am I?
  • Jealousy -- This is the most likely culprit. You've got Capt. Fuckstick riding around on his bike getting all the attention until Matt Stafford happens to walk by. All of a sudden, the "billy club" becomes a "pixie stick."
I'm time to get these losers who couldn't make the grade at UGA out of uniform. Take away their glock, handcuffs, and billy clubs and replace them with a server's tray, a broom, or a garbage truck. They wanted to serve the people. It's finally time for them to learn to do so.

UGA and ACC police. Get your head out of your ass and do your job like you're supposed to. Start treating EVERYONE equally. I'm free and clear since I don't live in Athens, so the next time I catch you mistreating one and giving special treatment to another, consider your ass "YouTube'd." I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Ally said...
You are so right! I think another component of this issue has to be that our players get smarter. They know ACC/UGA cops are over-zealous, so make better choices. For God's sakes, don't drive without a license or while under suspension!
I also really like what CMR said when discussing Odell's recent denial back into the NFL. I think it speaks to this situation as well: "I tell our players once you make a mistake, you lose control of the consequences. You don't have any rights any more. You have to abide by the authority over you."
It sucks that the ACC/UGA police are the authority, but it is what it is. And, like it or not, players are gonna have to respect that authority and make better choices.
The real crappy part is now some of these kids have arrest records for traffic violations. That's beyond an abuse of power, imo.
Great post; couldn't agree with you more and thanks for the shout-out :-)

Blogger Matt T said...
Not sure if you saw this, but you got a shout out at the Fanhouse.