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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Well, The Blogosphere just been all kinds of a buzz lately talking about this week's game. It might be the most hyped one this year for the Dawgs depending on how they fare (fair? Can anonymous from PWD's blog tell me if I used that correctly?). If UGA wins, then Florida might be our biggest game. If we lose, then we'd have to win out for the Tech game to even come close.

So what's the theme of this hype week? Why it's "respect" apparently. Take a look at #9 on yesterday's list and you'll see what I'm talking about. Carolina Dawg and DawgsOnline are all over it as well. However, has the market cornered on setting the stage for the Dawgs to be "man enough" on Saturday.

Does it all mean anything? Not right now to the Dawg fans. It won't really sink in until later on this week for most of us, but for the Dawgs, they apparently have gotten the message loud and clear. Richt has closed practice to the media and Ching has reported that he's noticed some coaches staying extra late doing some homework.

I like this kind of focus from Richt and Co. Hopefully they're bringing a solid game plan to Tuscaloosa this weekend. I'd love for us to be the spoiler for Nick Saban's Gameday arrival back to college football. Think about how much more sweet it would be to see UGA fans on the College Football Scoreboard behind Lee, Kirk, and Chris instead of Tide fans.

Like I said earlier; this team needs to ruin 92,000 peoples' day.

Game preview tomorrow evening.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Dana said...
I love you and think that you're the best sports blogger in the world!!! Can't wait til the GA/FL battle this year!!! :)