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Monday, October 15, 2007
Well it's "Bye Week 2007." For those that are die hard Dawg fans, it's a break that we both hate and love.

So with that in mind, here's this week's List:

The 10 Things You Can Do On Your Bye Week:

10. Pretend you care about other schools -- Now's a great time to look at your buddy who graduated from South Florida and say "How 'bout them Bulls, huh?" Hopefully said buddy is your "boss" who will give you a promotion shortly thereafter.

9. Grill some chicken -- Gameday equals "red meat." It's the Bulldog way. So take this week to eat a little healthier. Or just skip all the charcoal and go to Chick-fil-A.

8. Sleep in -- Gameday isn't quite as much fun to watch when you're begging Corso not to pick us to win. So, go ahead and skip setting the alarm. All the good games start around 3:00 PM anyway.

7. Finally wash your Gameday clothes -- Look, football players are the only ones that are supposed to have the superstition of not washing their uniform, socks, jock strap, yadda yadda yadda. Go ahead and wash your Gameday boxers, shirts, khakis, socks, etc.. The people around you will appreciate it.

6. Drink some water -- As opposed to "alcohol." Your kidneys and liver will be very grateful.

5. Do some research -- With Florida coming off a Nat'l Championship year, UGA coming off a bye week, and UK being ranked, you need to arm yourself with stats to combat your Gator co-workers during "Hate Week 2007 Part I." Stock up on stats and use every one to your advantage next week, but DO NOT TALK SHIT. It will come back to haunt you.

4. Catch up on your DVR list -- So you haven't watched "Grey's Anatomy" since the season premiered because Thursday night is football night. First, understand that it's OK that you watch "Grey's Anatomy" ("Private Practice" is a different story, though). Second, do something about it and unleash some TiVo fury.

3. Go on a Halo 3 bender -- Dude, release your inner geek that's been screaming ever since you bought the game. I know that football has taken precious time from your "killing sprees," but now's the time to catch up and get your melee on.

2. Google Keira Knightley photos -- Yeah, this only really applies to me. Here's a great one I found:

You're welcome.

1. Start your own blog -- They've been popping up all over the place this season. It's the internet version of "hugging it out" when things aren't going well. Might as well fold to the peer pressure and write your own stuff for people to make fun of, right?

Well, there's your List for this week. Announcement on the site changes soon.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Paige said...
Oh I never talk shit and I absolutely never rub in a loss. I don't take it well when it's done to me so I don't do it. I've got scars where so called friends or family have decided that it's okay to rub our losses in. It's never pretty. I tend to hit things and the bad thing is the person who said something stupid is never around for me to hit. They are smart enough to know to do it over the phone. I have to hit things that have no give (i.e. trees, coffee tables, doors, walls, etc.)

Oh...and I prefer Orlando Bloom. ;-)