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Monday, March 10, 2008
There are coaches out there that absolutely drive me insane. They're assholes, they're pricks and they make me want to kick them in the balls repeatedly.

Then, there's Tommy Bowden.

Earlier his offseason, he pulled a Petrino and spoke to Arkansas to leverage big money away from Clemson. Then, he signed a stellar recruiting class of too many kids. Now, instead of worrying about natural attrition to make his numbers (and by natural, I mean planting drugs in their room or asking them if they'd like to take their gun out with them tonight), he's decided not to renew some kids' scholarships.

Now he has every right to do so, don't get me wrong. But in the midst of my reading about this first over at The Good Senator's Blog, and then over the The Wiz, I came to realize that not only did Tommy Bowden rip a scholarship away from a kid, he ripped it away from the ONE kid on his team that epitomizes what it means to come from nothing and to become someone. He took the scholarship away from Ray Ray McElrathbey.

Ray Ray was the kid who adopted his 11-year old brother in 2006 to get him out of the poor life he was left with after Ray Ray left. Ray Ray (who'll we'll now refer to as "RR") worked, went to school, played football, and then did whatever else he could to support his little brother, Fahmarr. RR was even given a special waiver from the NCAA to allow the university to give him assistance in taking care of Fahmarr while RR tended to his other obligations.

Now here's what really pisses me off, because RR graduates soon, Tommy Bowden feels that he and his situation are expendable. Expendable = deplorable. I know we have our problems at UGA and we call for heads left and right at the slightest drop of a hat, but for Tommy Bowden to be the man of faith and community that he has claimed to be and then to turn around and cut a kid loose before he's done playing football? Are you serious?

Players graduate early all the time in college. They take classes year round so they can work out and get ready for the upcoming season. I've even heard of players getting upwards around two Bachelor's AND be partly done with a Master's before they leave.

So Tommy Bowden has loyalty to pre-madonna's prima donnas like Dwayne Allen who buy into the bright lights and rock rubbing while the future looks good, but when it's evident that perhaps they won't see the field as much as you thought originally, it's ok to cut them and move on?

To me, when you offer a kid a scholarship to play football, he has to do everything wrong to lose it. This kid did everything right and all he got was a hard-boiled "bye" from those in he Athletic Department.

So let me say this about Tommy Bowden: He is a disgusting piece of coddled baby sh*t. THIS f*cking guy is the best I've ever seen at coaching his way into a losing season and then he goes and f*cks up off the field too? Look, do SOMETHING right. I don't give a damn if you just win at a game of scrabble, at least you could point to that and say "hey, it's something I haven't f*cked up in the past 20 minutes." I can't stand hypocrites. Don't get me wrong, I have gone on record on this blog and turned right around and changed my tune before, but I would NEVER do something like what this asshat just did. He single handedly took the face of the Clemson Tiger "team" aspect and pissed on it after eating a bushel of asparagus. When you're so oblivious to doing what's right, you deserve to lose every time your team takes the field. F*ck Tommy Bowden. You just surpassed Nick Saban for "ultimate douchebaggery." I sure hope he's sterile. I'd hate to know that any more Bowdens with THAT mindset could possibly be running around.

Oh, and if any of you Clemson fans disagree with me, you can go f*ck yourselves. Don't give me any of that bullsh*t about "well they did so much for him and his little brother and he got his degree." Eat a dick. People like RR do what they do and play football because football gives them a break. When I have a stressful day, I have a jack and diet. When RR wakes up, goes to class, takes care of his little brother, works a job, and then comes home from his day, he probably can't relieve stress like I can because he took his brother out of that kind of environment. So what does he do instead? He hits people with pads on. And now you take that away from him???!!!???

In other news, props to James Davis who actually broke the story to the press. RR was too scared to talk about the situation in case Clemson wouldn't put in a good word for him elsewhere. Now the Tigers have egg on their face and I couldn't be happier. Maybe RR will go to a team or just go finish up his graduate degree at a school that plays on or after New Years Day. That'd be my wish for the kid.

I'm hoping for the best with RR and since I hear he's looking for graduate assistant jobs, I would love to see him come over to a real family like the one we have between the hedges. Maybe since our neighbors across the border have no idea how to treat a kid well, we could figure it out for them. And hey, we're a little thin at running back right now anyway. When he finishes up his undergrad he will be eligible to play anyway due to the NCAA rule about graduate students transferring without having to sit out a year.

Anyway, the only thing I have to say is that I hope Tommy Bowden goes 0-12 this year and halfway through, he gets a phone call and is told that since he's already get his resume in order after many years at Clemson, they won't need his services anymore. I mean, he's stayed at that job for a while now. He really isn't needed, right? Besides, they've got some new coaches possibly coming in and they want to make room.

I wonder if Jon Richt is sitting at home thinking right now "if I don't play up to par, I'm expendable." I'm sure Mark's really happy about that. Helluva way to set an example.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh screw that. Clemson doesn't 'owe' Ray Ray anything more. Clemson and Bowden have done a lot of good for him and his little brother. This includes paying for the bachelor's degree he's getting this August so he can enter the workforce. It also includes a grad assistant job if he wants it, something anyone who wants to enter the coaching ranks would kill for.

It also includes a $60k fund for the little brother's future education.

Clemson's done far more for Ray Ray than for hundreds of just as disadvantaged students that have attended there. Because he could play ball he got more than 99% of them.

For some people, like you, nothing is ever enough.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ray Ray received a free education from Clemson University. Not too many people can say that.

As for Dwayne Allen, I didn't see you bashing Chris Little's character when he switched from Notre Dame to Georgia last year on signing day. I also don't see you telling off AJ Harmon for LYING to Clemson's coaching staff throughout the year.

Stupid mutts.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
RR was offered a GA position by CTB. Get your facts straight before your mom lets you on the computer.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You Clemson people are unbelievable. Everyone in the country knows what went down with RR and you guys are blinded by your orange and purple glasses you can't see how shi**y this is.

When your own star running back comes out and trashes your coach for throwing players under the bus you know how bad things are.

And don't give me this nonsense about Clemson doesn't owe RR anything. They milked him for as much good PR as they could. When RR signed with the team I am sure that Tommy told him he would revoke his scholly after his third year.

Any honest Clemson fan can see this for what it is. Low down BS that is going to hurt Clemson's recruiting in the long run. You guys need to run that perennial average coach out of town before it is too late. Can't wait to see you guys choke in November again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Maybe you should try typing your blog BEFORE you have that Jack and Coke. Maybe then it would make a little more sense and not be filled with so much hate.

I can see both sides of this one. CTB probably should've bit the bullet and kept this guy on scholarship 'til he finished out. It sounds like this is one of the kids that has his priorities in line and is determined to be successful. I don't think this will sideline him for too long. He should just move on and keep moving forward...and thank Clemson for what they've done for him and his fam.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
"for Tommy Bowden to be the man of faith and community that he has claimed to be"

Questioning another man's faith is a dangerous game brother Dawg.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To the douchebag that wrote this blog, why don't you read a professional's opinion on the matter?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To the douchebag that wrote this blog, here's an article from a professional who actually knows what he's talking about.