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Monday, November 20, 2006
Here at The Dawg-gone Blog, we hate Georgia Tech.

And I mean REALLY hate.

So, with that in mind, every post this week will have an Anti-Georgia Tech bias about it that promises to be blatantly against political correctness and moderately crude. It just is what it is.

Here is a repost of the "Why I hate Georgia Tech" series I wrote some time ago. Read below for Part 2, which I feel is the better of the two parts. If you would like to read part one, click here.


Why I Hate Georgia Tech, Part 2

Two things before I begin...

1) Big thanks to Dawg Sports and Kyle King for linking me up and creating controversy with the "Who would replace Richt" question. I first shot it to PWD and apparently it's making rounds and it's spawned a bit of debate and a poll question (go vote now!!)...which makes me as a shit-stirrer happy. It really should make my friend's girlfriend happy since she's the one that posed the question to me. All I did was create a list guess (HINT: I didn't like my list).

2) Vegas in two weeks...oh I love The Vegas even though I've never been.

If Part One was any good, I was going to leave it up for a few days and let the stories sink in. However, I read the post again and it blows. I mean it was bad. So I had to put something up just to make it the NEXT thing to read...I guess that's what happens when you watch a friend play damn good poker while drinking Sweetwater 420.

So here's the heart of why I hate Georgia Tech so much (now mentioned just as Tech). All the stories are good feeders to the flame, but are lacking the "it" factor to create a truly hated rival. The good news is I've found that "it" factor and I'm proud to say that it's the people.

Individually, they might be ok. As one, they're shit.

Awwww. Don't like what I say? Prove me wrong. My entire life I've met only a handful of Tech fans that were worth keeping. I work with one, I'm related to the other one....past that, I'm just overestimating in case I'm forgetting anyone.

Tech fans whine. Jesus Cristo they whine and whine and whine. While they whine, they're not doing anything else. They talk about how great they are, but yet they can't prove anything other than they're a bunch of geeks who spread terrorism so rapidly, it gives new meaning to the term "long division."

Photo: Engineers don't kick ass.

They should at least win something. Cure something. DO SOMETHING. Tech is never in the news for being at the forefront of anything. Anyone else ever notice that?

Sure, UGA could field felons and go 7-4, but we don't want to. We'd rather our criminal talent do something that justifies their troubled history. Something like...WINNING...or getting into the NFL.

Photo: "Oh-Hell" Odell in full GATA mode after he hears Brady call him a "Goody-goody Tech Grad."

I mean lets all face it. Terrance Moore's column didn't put a single Tech fan down. All it did was bring to light the ugly truth that is Tech football and that truth is YOU GUYS SUCK ALL AROUND.

And to quote a good friend, "Nobody likes you."

Every year that we play Tech I get this "bile in the back of my throat" feeling that won't go away. I guess it could be worse, though. When I was in Redcoats, I had to stand on the sideline while that joke of a band ran around with a flag boy, marched without sunglasses, and then "walked the 'T' off the field."

By the way, the whole obsession with the "T" is beyond me. It's on a building and people try to steal it. OK. It's on the field and the bandies walk it off on a whim. OK. It's fucking pointless but, OK...not impressive. You know what is impressive to do? March off the field with Notre Dame's band in 1980 after a patriotic show and turning USA into UGA. THAT takes balls and talent. A "T" is a fucking "T." Ask Tennessee...they know all about it.

Photo: In 2003, Phil Fulmer proves there's no "T" in Krispy Kreme, but there is in "doughnuts."

I could go on and on for hours, but that wouldn't make for a very readable blog. Just understand that when it comes to all schools in all states all across this great nation, there is no other thing I'd personally rather see than Tech be no more. It's not even fun beating them anyway.

In closing, here are the pros and cons of Tech in America...

1) Thursday night football -- Where else can a complete meltdown hit so close to home, but not affect your team?
2) The Varsity in Atlanta -- Sure it's all GT all the time, but it kind of has that "it's like The Varsity in Athens, but not" feel to it.
3) A win on the schedule -- 'Nuff said.

1) Fans are idiots -- I have video proof. Apparently "cutting" has no mathematical equation.

2) Fans are ugly -- I'd say Tech girls love it Doggy Style, but since they are without any, it's pointless.
3) Everything else -- There's too much to list.

Oh well, we can always hope for a better tomorrow...or we could just elect this guy as President.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Tuck Fech.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
You are a dumbass. You are the reason that we (GT students) hate UGA. Your article, or rant, had no point. And your "reasons" for hating GT were lame.

-We are as obsessed with the T, as you UGA peoples are with the damn arch.
-We are in the forefront of education. And will always be.
-You're right, we're not as good at football. who fucking cares. Wait, no, this year we are.
-Without football, UGA has nothing.
-All of your fans are redneck idiots who most of the time didn't even go to college, and most definitely cannot actually spell the word university.
-No one goes to the varsity. .. Good reason to hate Tech?

That is all. Good luck with your "education". Im sure by the time you graduate you will indeed also know how to mix every drink known to man. That is the epitome of success.

q: what does a graduated Uga student call a graduated Tech student?

-Natalie Hall (feel free to facebook me)

Blogger Matthew said...
Brilliant! I love the crawl at the bottom of the fake Fox News cast.

Here's hoping that our Dawgs pound those nerds. I'm tired of hearing them whine about things other than football since they can't manage to beat a team with a winning record. You'd think with the worst graduation rate in the ACC they'd at least be able to WIN it once in a while.

Perhaps they are too busy trying to fix up their POS car.