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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Before I begin, the previous post about my hatred for Georgia Tech was the 250th of The Dawg-gone Blog. Interesting? Not really, but neither are the Yellow Jackets.

Ok, so let's begin.

I'm writing from the Metropolis of Perry, Georgia to bring you one of the last two posts regarding rivalry week here at D-gB headquarters. One reason is because of the holiday and the second is because of a more personal matter that requires my attention here for a little longer than I had expected. I've already received a few phone calls regarding the matter, so for those that are thinking good thoughts, I do appreciate it.

Now, you all know how much I hate Georgia Tech. Hell, I hate them much more than Florida, Tennessee, and Auburn COMBINED. I've never had a good experience when I've went to Tech and the only truely good experience I've had when Tech came to UGA was when we hung 51 on their asses. Me and Tech just flat out don't like each other and I'm OK with that.

I'll agree there's enough hatred in this world already and hell, it's only football (which is just a GAME, Focker), but I'm never giving in to the calls for a more level head regarding the rival merely 70 miles down the road from my Alma Mater. A hatred for Tech is one that includes hatred for ugly women (when you can find a woman at Tech), terrorists, and nerds. That's called a "win-win," people.

I always tend to rant a little bit when I blog about Tech. It happens. It's like I get all "Michael Richards" when I'm a little perturbed by the Yellow Jackets. I can't help it. Hell, I'm only human and that's the way I feel and I'm not ashamed of it.

So, if you want a very well thought of analysis of what we need to do to win the game against Tech on Saturday, go here. PWD has laid it all out in stunning fashion and has been quite level headed about it.

However, my thoughts on Saturday include kicking ass and hanging as many points on them as possible. We have to pick up the blitz and not be afraid to play to win instead of playing not to lose. Tech has more to play for and more to lose. We all saw how well that worked for Auburn. Let's hope the same goes for Tech.

Understand that this game is most likely the decision maker in regards to us playing in Nashville or us playing in Atlanta. If we destroy them and the Chick-fil-A bowl reps see how the crowd is jazzed up for it, then I think we go to Atlanta. If we lose or win a close one, then I think Tech goes and we're in Music City, USA.

However, until then just remember:

Please have your Tech students spayed or neutered.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Tuck Fech
Blogger Chrome Dome said...
Avoid the rush; hate tech early and often; and always hate tech. tech sucks.