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Thursday, July 05, 2007
So for the past few days I've had ideas for a blog bumping around in my head like my cranium was having one helluva house party....or a severe case of ADD. Either way, I've had a good idea, lost it, had another one, lost that one, and then got pissed off.

What I decided to do to rectify that is basically to blog and just blog whatever the hell comes to mind. Here it goes...

I could talk ab....nah that sucks.
And there's....shit.

Ok I got something:

A blatant picture of Ann Coulter just to piss off Doug who spent most of his 4th of July post trying to somehow get America back into the UK. I like you Doug, I really do, but sometimes you just don't make much sense. I'm trying to shock you back into reality just like psychiatrists use shock therapy. So say hello to Ann...

Image stolen from a site that hates Ann Coulter...and wants to bang her.

However, I need to give props to Doug who introduced me lately to the INCREDIBLY HOT Melissa Theuriau.

I'd be so much more informed if we had news anchors like this....

And, of course, here are a couple of more distractions just for your viewing pleasure:

"Transformers" hotness Megan Fox.

One reason Jack Bauer will kill me...Elisha Cuthbert.

Blazing hot "red head" Kate Walsh.

And finally...

Site girl of the century, Keira Knightley

Well, guess who hasn't been laid in a while?

Anyway, moving on to sports, there's been a lot of hooplah lately over at the Georgia Sports Blog about Mark Richt and Company recruiting out of state kids and ignoring in state talent...well, that's not what PWD said, but some guy that commented on the post. I had plenty to say about it over at the site, and I'm kind of spent on it, but I just want to make it perfectly clear that Mark Richt and Co. are completely dedicated to winning a national championship. Hell, if he finds the kid that can help us in Alaska, I say go get his ass. Stop bitching about it and let the kids play.

The King has ranked our toughest games on the 2007 schedule. I'm pretty much in line with what he's thrown down, but I have a few differences that I will explain at a later date. It's a good read though, so go check it out.

And finally, please everyone let the Munson thing go. Yeah, it sucks about as much as it can, but the man just can't do it. He's doing the best he can with what he's got and I hope every Georgia fan buys a headset to listen to him in the stadium this year. I also hope they give him the proper send off he deserves. He is the best...period.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Go see Transformers right now. It's worth it. Trust me.

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Blogger Russell said...
While a total hottie in the Transformers movie; Megan Fox was removed from my list when I read that she has; "my boyfriend Brian’s (Brian Austin Green of 90210) name tattooed next to my pie."

Her words not mine.

But I would mouth bang Ann Coulter just to get her to shut the hell up.

My words, not hers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think you should up your standards & lust after real women women with curves like Martine McCutcheon...

Blogger Band Director Guy said...
This was your best blog ever. Throw in a pic of Carrie Underwood next time. She's my new Faith Hill.