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Sunday, November 18, 2007
We're on the cusp of beginning "Hate Week 2007 Part II" and teh internetz are "buzzing" with opportunities to take shots at Jackets any which way possible.

Most of you guys that check out the site have been coming on throughout the course of this year, so you missed this post that riled up one Tech fan in particular. Her name is N@talie H@ll and after the "altercation" on the site, we kept up with one another through Facebook to talk sh*t back and forth whenever possible. All in all, she's a nice girl; even for a Tech student.

Anyway, getting back to the title. You see, Facebook is absolutely amazing. I'm no where near addicted like some people, but every now and then you find a diamond in the rough. Imagine my surprise when I found out that The Dawg-gone Blog's favorite mortal enemy was actually on "Celebrity Fit Club" boxing Bizarre from rap group D-12.

"Bring it on, Nerd."

"Eat sh*t Biz. Do you carry Eminem's bags for him on tour?"

Our little N@talie held up well and actually kicked his ass from the tale of the tape. Apparently, "The Ninja" has a quick jab and moves briskly around the ring. You can see for yourself here.

So, as we kick off Hate Week 2007 Part II, remember that there is one Tech student out there that might be able to kick our asses after this is all said and done.

UK thoughts later and then the real fun begins.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Blogger Paige said...
I remember this from last year. LOL Those pesky bugs think they know it all. LOL

Anonymous Natalie said...
Haha I am psyched for the game this weekend.

Okay, yes, UGA is probably going to beat us.. big surprise.

It will still be a fun game, though.


Blogger Moose-Tipping said...
Wait wait wait... something doesn't add up here... I thought Tech girls were supposed to be ugly?

Natalie, you're going to the wrong school...

Blogger NCT said...
I made it through most of the comments in last year's lengthy exchange. The academic comparisons have really become amusing. It's no secret that UGA has a much broader range of students than does Tech, given the broader range of academic offerings and the far greater number of students. Let's take the best 18,000 students at UGA and see how they stack up against Tech. Or let's just take the top 1000 from each school. I'd bet money that they're right on par with one another, and UGA's may very well have better numbers.

Hell, I went to school at UGA 20 years ago, and all of my friends either were accepted to Tech or could have been, easily, had they chosen to apply. And UGA is much more competitive now regarding admissions.

The biggest difference I see now between the students of the two schools is that, by and large, the make-up of the student body at Tech and the predominant academic offerings tend to produce graduates who are less adept at social interaction. The "nerds" meme carries some truth. If someone has a well-rounded education that encompasses history, literature, psychology, and philosophy in addition to chemistry, biology, management, and accounting, one has a much better chance of becoming a well-rounded person who can more successfully interact with other human beings. This is borne out by my experience.

To be fair, I've made the same kind of observations about accounting and genetics majors at Georgia, but at least they spent quality time with us liberal arts types on a routine basis, so some of the humanity of the humanities might have rubbed off.

And I'm not entirely joking.

Anonymous natalie hall said...
You are right. Tech students are all socially inept. We sit in our rooms and play halo for endless hours and talk to our online boyfriends and girlfriends..

Grow up.

Oh, and all those classes you named.. we have all of them at Tech. I guess UGA students are more well rounded in the fact that you have oh so challenging classes to choose from such as bowling...

And I am not even going to go there.., but we all know that quite a few unfair generalizations could be made about the beloved UGA liberal arts majors.

Blogger Ally said...
Just curious Natalie - how many Rhodes Scholars came from Tech this year?

In case you're wondering, Georgia has 2 - check out the ajc.

Blogger NCT said...
No, Natalie. Not all Tech students are socially inept. But there is a clearly disproportionately higher number of Tech students who are seriously hampered by basic abilities to interact with other human beings.

It's fine for you to say you have all "those classes" at Tech. They have all "those classes" at Wheeler High School, too. What's your point?

You seem hung up on this "bowling" thing. How proud you must be that Tech finally decided to stop offering bowling for credit in 1998. I took something called Advanced Honors Calculus with an Emphasis on Theory that was harder than any freshman or sophomore math class at Tech, based on my discussions with friends who went to the Trade School.

Yes, I'm a proud liberal arts major. I took my HS academic qualifications (better than most Tech students' then or now) and turned them into a Bachelor of Arts in political theory and French. Thank God I didn't go to Tech. But Tech is a fine academic institution, and if I'd wanted to be an engineer or architect, I'd have been nowhere else.

Anonymous Natalie said...
WOW, an advanced calculus class?

You haven't been in school for 20 years, so maybe its time to drop all your little stereotypes. If you walked onto Tech campus you would realize that, for the most part, all the students are extremely friendly and outgoing, okay. I wouldn't be attending gatech if it was any other way.

Blogger NCT said...
Oh, Natalie. You seem like a real sweetheart. We all know Tech has difficult courses. You seem convinced that UGA does not. We do. My only point was that my first-year calculus class happened to be more difficult than Tech's, but that was my choice. I'm sure I'd struggle with upper level math classes at Tech (or Georgia or anywhere else, for that matter).

And no, it's not time for me to drop my "little stereotypes". You can't seem to let go of yours. It's part of what the rivalry's about, isn't it?

I live about three blocks from the Tech campus, and I see students all the time. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, since I don't have occasion to socialize with the kids these days. I will assume for the sake of argument that something has miraculously happened over the past, say 10 years (since I've had plenty of opportunity to socialize with Tech grads who are younger than I am), and the Tech student body is suddenly overwhelmed with well-rounded kids. Good on you for throwing the last 100+ years of your fellow Techies under the bus.

And there have been exceptions in my experience, by the way. My grandfather (graduated from Tech in the 1920s) was truly a very charming fellow.

Anonymous natalie hall said...
Hahaha- okay.

And I agree, UGA also has a lot of very very difficult classes with a lot of brillant students. Both of my parents went to UGA... I think they are quite charming as well... I mean their daughter (me) is pretty dang smart/awesome/fun/well rounded. haha (jk)

Well since you are just so close to the gatech campus, perhaps on a weekend you should drive through campus and see how many non-awkward, well rounded people there are.

Or even come on out to the game, when hopefully UGA gets to cocky and Tech has a victory. See how socially inept we are then, mister.

Im just playing by the way.. kinda. I really am a nice person. A nice, well rounded person Id say. haha.

Rivalry is fun indeed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
last time i was on tech's campus on a saturday i saw more foreign nerds going to class than i saw tech fans going to the game.

I was also curious, is tech an all male school? B/c i didnt see 1 female (who wasnt in red and black) the whole time.

Maybe some were females, but it was hard to tell...

It's a shame you disgraced your parents and went to Tech, Butch.

Anonymous Natalie said...
haha- classy.