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Thursday, September 02, 2010
Should've done this sooner, but realized I hadn't so just for those that aren't aware, the DGB has moved to a new home.

Just as an FYI, will point to the new address, so you don't have to change your bookmarks, hopefully. However, the official URL is

I hope you enjoy the new site. We're loving it so far.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Enjoy this space while you can. I'll be moving this blog private soon.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Dramatic title, no?

Dear Faithful (and God bless you for being so) Readers,

Sorry for the lack of any update for a while now, but if you follow me on Twitter, you guys know that something big has been coming down the pipe for a couple of months. This "big event" made me make the decision to keep from updating very much even though a slew of news regarding ADs, BMWs, red lingerie, NCAA inquiries and our drinking town with a football problem has hit the news cycle.

The big reveal is finally here and I'm happy to say that this blog will no longer by my home. No seriously, I'm happy to say that.

A couple months ago I was approached by an old friend who works with a former blogger (Jmac, for you old-schoolers out there) and they wanted to know if I had any interest in having this blog become the staple Sports blog for their site, Beyond The Trestle.

Naturally, I was thrilled, not only to work with my old friend, but also because the growth potential by making the move would do wonderful things for me. It's well documented that I currently find myself in a job I love, which takes up odd hours at times, hence making updating regularly a challenge. It was so much of a challenge that I contemplated making a move offline altogether, just to step aside and have one less thing to worry about.

However, that's no longer an issue. The new site is not up as of this moment, but expect the first post early next week. At that point, this address will route to the new site and content updates will no longer be provided here.

Now, the most important (and exciting) part of all this is a handful of new things. Here they are:
  • Content updates at least once daily, but probably 2-3 times a day during season
  • In-depth previews, reviews, and predictions
  • A podcast (which is something I've dreamed of doing for a while)
  • Dedicated, realistic analysis, with the same homerism you'd expect from me
  • A team of writers to offer differing views and to again, keep those content updates coming
  • Real-time information as it comes from UGA since we'll be listed with the SID
  • Facebook and Twitter feeds for you social media gurus out there
  • Many more things I can't even think of off the top of my head
  • One word -- PONIES
Ok, the last one is just to keep the kids interested, but if a pony happens to run on the field during a game, you can bet your sweet bottom we're going to cover that event in depth.

For those wondering, yes, parting with Blogger and this address is a little bittersweet. It's like getting a newer, more reliable car but leaving the car you've driven since you're 16.

The best part? It's still The Dawg-gone Blog. Nothing's changing for the worse, just getting enhanced for a better experience for you -- the most loyal readers who stop by and actually pay attention to a guy who talks about football when he was the worst fullback to ever play the game (and this was little league football, too).

The next update will be the last one and it will be the one that links to the new site. Thank you again for 5+ wonderful years at this shack. It's time for us to go all "Jeffersons" and move it on up.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

P.S. -- Tuck Fech.

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Monday, March 29, 2010
I meant to talk some about the defense, but I couldn't do it. I got carried away on ranting about the North Campus people. By the way, I had a BLAST ranting about the North Campus people. I originally recorded this Friday but haven't had the chance to post it until today.

Defense stuff coming in the next couple days. Until then, enjoy!

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Obviously, there's no one out there who hates losing to Georgia Tech more than I do. In fact, if we played them 1,000 times and tied ONCE, I'd be stuck on the tie. It's just how I roll.

Anyway, the only silver lining to losing to Georgia Tech is beating them handily the following year. The unintended consequences mean things like THIS AWESOME VIDEO (embedded below for your view pleasure) happen, making my heart smile over and over again.

As always, please remember that it's not a slap. It's a high five to your face.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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Friday, March 05, 2010
Today's the 5th B-day of the DGB. I thank you all and ramble about other things in the following video...which is the antithesis of actually "blogging" but you get the point.

Oh, and since it's the birthday of the DGB, I feel an appearance by resident Site Girl, Keira Knightley is in order. You're welcome.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
So we lost by 16 points Florida. It happens and we'll have our shot in Stegeman soon.

Some quick thoughts for you guys:

1) McThree -- Ricky McPhee is a VERY fun player to watch. He's another one of those clutch-shot white dudes that UGA always seems to have around. The previous ones were the Weehunt brothers from the early 2000s. Some of the shots he took tonight were amazing, from some very deep threes to a nice falling jumper on the baseline for two. He also single-handedly (apparently, "handedly" isn't a word, who knew?) kept the game from slipping into a tailspin with his play.

2) Trey Leslie -- If you took Trey Thompkins and mixed him with Travis Leslie, you'd have one of the most exciting basketball players ever. Leslie still struggles with his shot, but made some nice athletic plays. Thompkins did well tonight with some big shots and was hot early.

3) Better make it the first time -- We couldn't seem to grab a rebound to save our lives. Whether on our end after a missed shot, or on their end after they (rarely) missed a shot. We've got to rebound like we did against Tennessee or we'll get beat by a lot of teams in the SEC.

4) Oops! -- Turnovers were probably the biggest dagger for us tonight. We just absolutely got killed in taking care of the ball. Sloppy, sloppy play was the theme and probably gave us the biggest hindrance in mounting a significant comeback. As Dawgfan17 perfectly stated:
Looking at the UF game tonight and most of our games for the season, if we can cut down the to's they can be much much better. We have turned it over 10 more times than UF so far and the game is a 10 pt game. If we turn it over even just 4 less times with both teams shooting 50% that is +4 points for us and -4 for them and the game is basically a tie. Everything else we have done this season has been a huge improvement. Go Dawgs!
Couldn't have said it better myself. The best news is, that's a COACHABLE problem, and I have no worries about our coaching ability.

5) Coach, you can't say that on TV -- Fox got T'd up in what I think was eerily reminiscent to the way Bobby Cox gets thrown out of Braves games. Oh, don't get me wrong, he was right in being upset about the no-call, but instead of moving on, he let it boil over and let his players know he was OK with tossing etiquette out the window. He let his players know that he had their back. I liked it. A LOT.

6) I think I can, I think I can -- We've got some great things going for us right now in regards to overall improvement, but this team is going to have to learn to win on the road for us to get over the hump from being a mediocre team to even a good team. It's not the matter of winning, it's the matter of getting used to the idea of winning away from home. Our confidence sucks in that regard and it shows at times. Of course, when you have a team full of guys who haven't achieved road success in 4+ years, it's going to creep into their heads that they can't do it. A win against South Carolina this weekend would be HUGE for us.

7) Tick Tock -- I didn't remember to elaborate on this the last game, but one of the most overall improved things I've seen is our use of timeouts. It's been a blessing to see Coach Fox take timeouts to stop runs and coach up our guys. They're, for lack of a better word, quite timely. Felton never did that and it drove me crazy.

8) Ratings are up -- The biggest difference in a double-digit point loss to Florida this year versus last year? I was still tuning in this year. Last year's team quit in that game. Absolutely quit. It was disgusting and I had to turn it off. We all knew this game was over after the four minute mark, but I was still interested to see what this team would do. If any of us can take one thing away from tonight's loss, it's the proof in the pudding that this team is NOT last year's team.

So, there you have it. What stuck out to you?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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